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    Chandler Limited REDD.47

    Valve Microphone Preamplifier

    Can Chandler’s resurrection of one of the most revered preamps of all time help you get that classic Abbey Road sound?

    Reviews Dec 2015
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    Chandler Limited TG2–500

    Solid–state Microphone Preamplifier

    Can Chandler pack all of the EMI/Abbey Road sound for which they’re so famous into a single-module 500–series preamp?

    Reviews Jan 2015
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    Chandler Little Devil 500-series preamp.

    Chandler Little Devil Preamp

    500-series Mic, Line & Instrument Preamplifier

    Chandler's Little Devil preamp takes the warmth and mangling side of things to another level.

    Reviews Dec 2012
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