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Preamps / Channel Strips

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    ART Pro MPA & Dual MP

    Tube Mic Preamps

    ART have followed up their single-channel Tube MP valve mic preamp by developing two more tube designs for both the project studio owner and the audio professional. Paul White huddles round to warm his signals...

    Reviews Sep 1996
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    Digitech VTP1

    Valve Mic Preamp

    Digitech's VTP1 seeks to outpace the competition in the crowded valve mic preamp market by offering built-in 4-band EQ and a digital output. Paul White sees how it runs...

    Reviews Aug 1996
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    Rolls RP220 & ADB3

    Mic Preamp & DI Box

    Paul White checks out a couple of all-valve front ends to see whether eliminating solid-state circuitry really makes a difference.

    Reviews May 1996
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    SPL MikeMan

    Mic Preamp

    There's more to building a serious mic front end than putting a standard circuit in a flashy box. Fortunately, SPL's circuit design is even more impressive than their custom anodised front panels, as Paul White discovers.

    Reviews Jan 1996
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