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Preamps / Channel Strips

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    Drawmer 1969

    Dual-channel Valve Preamp/Processor

    Drawmer's 1969 model, developed with US pro audio dealer Mercenary Audio, seeks to offer the facilities of their acclaimed 1960 valve-based processor, but with a more American sound.

    Reviews Oct 2000
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    Zoom GM200

    Guitar Amp Modeller

    Paul White gives Zoom's new low-cost modelling guitar preamp the once over.

    Reviews Aug 2000
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    Johnson J Station

    Guitar Recording Preamp

    Physical modelling has always held out the best hope for producing realistic miked-up amp tones from a DI processor, and many recording guitarists found their prayers answered when Line 6 launched the Pod. But does this new contender in the field have anything more to offer? Dave Lockwood gets physical with the J Station.

    Reviews Aug 2000
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    Dbx Silver Series 386

    Hybrid Dual Mic Preamp

    Hugh Robjohns tries out a mic preamp from Dbx with a built-in A-D converter that is supposed to be impossible to clip...

    Reviews May 2000
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    TL Audio EQ2 front-end with parametric EQ.

    TL Audio EQ2

    Parametric Valve Equaliser

    Paul White tries out TLA's combination of front end and parametric equaliser.

    Reviews Apr 2000
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    TL Audio Hybrid

    Tube Preamp

    Capable of handling both mic or instrument signals, TLA's new dual-channel, combined solid-state and valve preamp aims to offer super high-quality preformance at an average price. Paul White assesses their double vision.

    Reviews Mar 2000
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    JoeMeek VC6Q

    Recording Channel

    Paul White goes green with the latest JoeMeek recording channel.

    Reviews Jan 2000
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