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Preamps / Channel Strips

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    True Systems P-Solo

    Microphone Preamplifier

    Can this mic preamp really deliver 'expensive' sound quality at a mid-market price?

    Reviews Dec 2006
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    Chandler Germanium

    Mic & Instrument Preamp

    Chandler revive a vintage technology in their unique new preamp. We put it to the test...

    Reviews Nov 2006
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    Focusrite Liquid Mix

    Firewire Dynamic Convolution Processor

    Following on from last month's sneak preview, here's the full SOS hands-on test: If you're looking for characterful compression and EQ to warm up your computer-based mixes, Focusrite's Liquid Mix might just be the answer.

    Reviews Sep 2006
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    Universal Audio Solo 110 & 610

    Microphone Preamps

    The Solo 110 and Solo 610 are a pair of high-quality, no-frills preamps — one solid-state, the other valve.

    Reviews Sep 2006
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    Taylor Guitars K4 Equaliser

    Preamp & EQ For Expression System Guitars

    This Rupert Neve-designed three-band EQ and preamp is intended for Taylor acoustic guitars equipped with the Expression System magnetic pickup array.

    Reviews Jul 2006
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    Great River ME1NV

    Microphone Preamp

    A modern take on the vintage Neve preamp sound.

    Reviews Jun 2006
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    How To Use Modelling Guitar Preamps On Stage

    Advice & Techniques

    Guitar preamps that use digital modelling technology have found their way into vast numbers of studios. But do they have a useful place on stage, and what do you need to know if you want to use one live?

    Techniques Jun 2006
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    Grace Design Model 101

    Mic Preamp

    Some mic preamps are renowned for their flattery of the recorded signal, but this high-spec single-channel unit proudly aspires to cleanliness and neutrality, translating the character of your performances and microphones with the utmost fidelity.

    Reviews May 2006
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    Audient ASP008

    Microphone Preamp

    Eight channels of clean and transparent preamplification, complete with input impedance switching and flexible digital output options.

    Reviews Apr 2006
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