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Preamps / Channel Strips

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    Phoenix DRS2 mic preamp.

    Phoenix Audio DRS2

    Microphone Preamp

    A British company specialising in the maintenance and refurbishment of vintage Neve equipment have produced a new preamp design with a classic sound.

    Reviews Feb 2003
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    Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster Pro

    Recording Channel

    The Platinum Voicemaster Pro updates the original Voicemaster concept, adding new features as well as design improvements.

    Reviews Jan 2003
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    Line 6 PodXT.

    Line 6 PodXT

    Modelling Guitar Preamp & Effects Processor

    This new version of Line 6's ground-breaking Pod guitar processor combines improved amp modelling with a host of high-quality effects plundered from the company's range of rack processors.

    Reviews Jan 2003


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