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Quad 77 Integrated amp for sale - used in my music room to power my Yamaha NS10M studio speakers. Worked surprisingly well!
Login to email seller Scott 11/07/2020
 £175  Arbroath About
Markbass LITTLE MARK III (3) Bass Amplifier Selling my LITTLE MARK III from MARKBASS. The flagship Markbass amplifier, the Little Mark III is the industry standard for tone, portability and value. The item comes used in excellent condition, boxed and with adapter. London Based. The Little Mark III’s solid-state preamp has a warm and natural sound, and faithfully reproduces the true tone of your instrument. The 500-watt Markbass power amp (Markbass Proprietary Technology) supplies impeccable bass frequency reproduction.
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 £350  ono London About
Rotel RA-1210 Stereo Integrated Amplifier 1973 Vintage Amplifier. Good working condition. Sole Owner. Photos available.
Contact: Tel. 07732390665 or
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 £125  Southwick About
Divided by 13 2x12 Guitar cab in Black and Cream . Mint with cover and optional open back panels. Vintage 30 and Green Back Celestions.
Contact: Tel. 07528471803 or
Login to email seller 15/06/2020
 £600  Newcastle upon Tyne About
Mesa Boogie Walkabout Scout in black and silver ,in great condition hardly used , not gigged .this is a killer combo,1x12 with a down firing passive radiator that gives a huge sound ,all tube pre amp,hi low gain inputs brilliant check the specs at their website.
Contact: Tel. 07528471803 or
Login to email seller 13/06/2020
 £1,000  Newcastle upon Tyne About
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