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Description Price Location Seller
Native Instruments Maschine Mk 2 In great condition with full transfer of the Maschine Software boxed.
Login to email seller 15/08/2019
£249 Essex About
Native Instruments MIKRO Maschine MK1 In great condition with full transfer of the licence for the Maschine Software.
Login to email seller 15/08/2019
£75 Essex About
Koma Elektronik Komplex Sequencer - mint condition with felt dust cover and power supply. Collection from Bristol preferred but happy to ship within the UK.
Login to email seller Campbell Smith 10/08/2019
£1,100 ono Bristol About
Yamaha QY700 A high-end sequencer workstation released in the 90's. 2 MIDI loops, 110,000 notes storage, 48 tracks (32 linear + 16 pattern), 20 songs, 64 note multitimbral polyphony, tempo 5 to 300 bpm, internal 3.5 inch floppy disk drive, large 320 x 240 backlit LCD screen, internal sound module with GM and Yamaha XG sounds, 3876 modifiable preset phrases, built in effects. This is boxed, fully working, never gigged, in excellent condition with power supply, manuals, and disks. Photographs available.
Login to email seller 02/08/2019
£350 ono About
Doepfer MAQ 16/3 Analogue & MIDI Sequencer I've got too many sequencers so having a cull. The MAQ 16/3 was the last one EMIS (UK Doepfer dealer) had when I got it 2-3 years ago so it's probably the newest second hand one you can get! It's in absolutely mint condition with original box and packaging, manual and power adaptor. Midi and 3 sets of CV/gate - I thought long and hard about selling but have a Mega City, 2 x SQ1 for CV and a MV8800 and ASQ10 for MIDI.....Anyhow, can post or happy for you to come and check out in Liverpool
Login to email seller Jon 25/07/2019
£450 Liverpool About
Roland CSQ600 Analogue CV/Gate Sequencer Lovely sequencer with 600 note memory spread across 4 'tracks'. Lovely to play with cool transpose and portamento. The four tracks can be chained or 'played live' in any order depending on the position of the track switches - good for extended 12" versions! This was serviced by James Walker around 2013 with new battery etc so in perfect functional condition. A couple of isolated rust spots on the facia but otherwise good. UK voltage.
Login to email seller Jon 19/07/2019
£475 ono Liverpool About
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