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FOR SALE: Miscellaneous

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Doepfer MSY2 DIN Sync MIDI Clock converter Selling as I no longer need this. In as-new condition with packaging. Normally it's sold with a European 2-pin power supply so I've replaced with a 3-pin power supply. Use this to convert from DINSYNC to MIDI CLOCK and vice-versa. Also has a click out to drive drum machines/hardware etc. Lots of details on Doepfer website.
Login to email seller 14/03/2019
£65 Dublin About
Fredenstein Bento 10D Like new 10 slot digital 500 series chassis. This unit has a wealth of unique features: Chain slots together. Recall of Fredenstein 500 series modules. Aux inputs and Outputs as well as the usual Inputs and Outputs. Digital read out display. Dual function rotary encoder. Over £600 new. Thanks for looking. Enjoy.
Contact: David Tel. 07456141116 or
Login to email seller 19/03/2019
£400 Wellingborough About
Gik Accoustics 242 panel x 9 Nine panels, £.40 each.
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£360 ono Reading About
GIK Acoustics 244 bass traps x 4 Four bass traps £45 each .
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£180 ono Reading About
GIK Acoustics Q7.d diffusor x2 Two diffusors £120 each
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£240 ono Reading About
Inno-Therm®/Metisse Soundproofing Cotton/Denim Acoustic Soundproofing eko batts 26 Panels NEW 2 Packs totalling 26 panels, ideal for soundproofing, bass traps etc, made of recycled denim, new and unused, they are 45 mm x 600 mm wide x 1.2 m long. The product acoustic fading is 42 dB with a density of 45 kg/m3(+/-10%).Ecofriendly and non itch design, no need for gloves etc when handling, ideal alternative for people with rockwool allergiescollection North London, too big to Post
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£150 London About
Jones O’Tool Plus Gorgeous oscilloscope and voltage meter, it’s the Plus version, latest incarnation. Mint condition, with power ribbon, screws and box. SAVE £££ Possible swap for MI Peaks.
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£180 Slough About
Sound On Sound DVD's 1,2 & 3 The first three (and only thus far) DVD-ROM editions of the magazine. In fine condition, these have been quite sparingly used. Please contact me for photos.
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£6 ono Melksham, About
Zaor Miza Junior Studio Desk In good condition in oak/silver. This is the mk1 desk with cut out for compartment at back. Complete with sliding drawer able to take up to 61 keys/15kg. Clearly this would be impossible to ship so collection only Liverpool.
Login to email seller Jon 15/03/2019
£190 Liverpool About
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