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Digital Recorders

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    Tascam DA98

    Digital Multitrack Recorder

    It started in 88, dropped to 38, now rises to 98... no, it's not the chart performance of the new Spice Girls album, but Tascam's rather strange way of numbering the models in their respected DA series of digital multitrack recorders. Hugh Robjohns checks out the new flagship in the range.

    Reviews Dec 1997
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    Fostex D160

    Hard Disk Multitrack Recorder

    Pioneered by Fostex, the concept of the 'personal' digital multitrack — a stand-alone digital recorder with a simple, cassette multitracker-like interface — has been around for two years now. But the new D160 is the first of the bunch to offer 16-track capabilities.

    Reviews Dec 1997
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