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Digital Recorders

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    Korg D32XD & D16XD

    Digital Multitrackers

    In a market populated by 16-track and 24-track machines, Korg up the ante once again with the first project-studio multitracker to offer 32-track playback.

    Reviews Dec 2003
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    Zoom MRS4

    Portable Digital Multitracker

    Hot on the heels of Zoom's eight-track MRS802 comes the diminutive and affordable MRS4 four-track, recording to Smart Media cards. Is this the death knell for cassette multitrackers?

    Reviews Sep 2003
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    Zoom MRS802

    Digital Multitracker

    A complete studio in a box, for around the cost of a decent software sequencing package.

    Reviews Jul 2003
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    Roland VS2400

    Digital Studio Workstation

    Roland offer a downsized version of their flagship VS2480, providing all of the most important facilities at a much lower price point.

    Reviews May 2003
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    Fostex MR8

    Digital Multitracker

    Fostex enter the card-based multitracker market with a bang, offering eight tracks of uncompressed CD-quality audio from a single Compact Flash card.

    Reviews Mar 2003
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    Zoom MRS1266 multitrack recorder.

    Zoom MRS1266

    Multitrack Recording Studio

    The successor to the MRS1044 has more of everything - tracks, inputs, sounds - at a very similar price. But with new fierce competition, is there still room for a Zoom?

    Reviews Feb 2003
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    Korg D1200

    Digital Recording Studio

    Having upgraded their D16 to the D1600, Korg have now revamped the 12-track D12 to the D1200. So where does Korg's latest offering stand in the competitive digital multitracker marketplace?

    Reviews Jan 2003
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