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Digital Recorders

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    Tascam DR2D

    Digital Recorder

    Tascam's mid-range pocket-sized digital recorder, the DR2D, supersedes the earlier DR1 — but does it have enough tricks to compete in an ever-evolving market?

    Reviews Dec 2010
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    Olympus LS5

    Handheld Stereo Recorder

    Sam Inglis reviews the latest pocket-size stereo recorder from Olympus.

    Reviews Nov 2010
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    ESI Rekord M

    Portable Stereo Recorder

    Hardly a month goes by that a new handheld stereo recorder doesn't turn up at SOS Towers, but the Rekord M has to be the...

    Reviews Oct 2010
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    Korg Sound On Sound

    Compact Multitrack Recorder

    In SOS mag's 25th anniversary year, it's nice to see a manufacturer naming their product in our honour. Seriously, though... Korg aim to break the mould with this pocket-sized stereo recorder, which offers overdubbing with no specified track-count limitation.

    Reviews Sep 2010
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    Tascam DR08

    24-bit 96kHz Digital Recorder

    Tascam have made their smallest, lightest and most straightforward pocket recorder so far.

    Reviews Aug 2010
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    Alesis PalmTrack

    24-bit Portable Recorder

    The PalmTrack is an extremely affordable pocket-sized recorder with plenty of features — but have Alesis sacrificed quality to keep costs down?

    Reviews Jul 2010
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    Sony PCM M10B

    Portable Stereo Recorder

    The portable audio pioneers release their smallest and most affordable handheld 24-bit/96kHz recorder yet. We put it through its paces.

    Reviews Mar 2010
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    JoeCo BBR1 BlackBox Recorder

    24-track Digital Recorder

    Recording in a live environment demands simplicity and stability, and this intriguing new product from SADiE co-founder Joe Bull is designed to offer both.

    Reviews Jan 2010
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