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Digital Recorders

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    Boss BR1200

    Digital Multitracker

    This latest multitracker from Boss boasts powerful effects processing and built-in USB facilities.

    Reviews Jul 2005
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    Tascam DP01 & DP01FX

    Digital Multitrackers

    Tascam's two new digital multitrackers are the latest in their long line of Portastudio products.

    Reviews Apr 2005
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    Digitech GNX4

    Guitar Workstation/Multitracker

    Is it an amp modeller? Is it a multitracker? Is it an audio/MIDI interface? We stomp the facts out of Digitech's new box...

    Reviews Feb 2005
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    Zoom MRS1608

    Digital Multitracker

    The latest multitracker from Zoom is their most sophisticated yet, but can it see off its rivals in what is an extremely competitive marketplace?

    Reviews Jan 2005
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    Korg CR4

    Cassette Multitracker

    Korg, one of the main manufacturers of digital workstations, have just released another multitracker, but this time it's cassette-based!

    Reviews Nov 2004
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    Roland VS2000CD

    Digital Multitracker

    This recording workstation is the most affordable and portable of the VS series, but it still lets you record, mix, and master all in the one box.

    Reviews Jun 2004
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    Boss BR1600CD

    16-track Digital Multitracker

    Boss\'s range of digital multitrackers is designed to allow musicians to make recordings with a minimum of technical knowledge. The BR1600 is the most sophisticated yet, providing 16-track recording along with amp modelling, vocal harmony generation, and built-in drum machine and loop sequencer.

    Reviews May 2004
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    Korg D32XD & D16XD

    Digital Multitrackers

    In a market populated by 16-track and 24-track machines, Korg up the ante once again with the first project-studio multitracker to offer 32-track playback.

    Reviews Dec 2003
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    Zoom MRS4

    Portable Digital Multitracker

    Hot on the heels of Zoom's eight-track MRS802 comes the diminutive and affordable MRS4 four-track, recording to Smart Media cards. Is this the death knell for cassette multitrackers?

    Reviews Sep 2003
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    Zoom MRS802

    Digital Multitracker

    A complete studio in a box, for around the cost of a decent software sequencing package.

    Reviews Jul 2003
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    Roland VS2400

    Digital Studio Workstation

    Roland offer a downsized version of their flagship VS2480, providing all of the most important facilities at a much lower price point.

    Reviews May 2003
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    Fostex MR8

    Digital Multitracker

    Fostex enter the card-based multitracker market with a bang, offering eight tracks of uncompressed CD-quality audio from a single Compact Flash card.

    Reviews Mar 2003
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    Zoom MRS1266 multitrack recorder.

    Zoom MRS1266

    Multitrack Recording Studio

    The successor to the MRS1044 has more of everything - tracks, inputs, sounds - at a very similar price. But with new fierce competition, is there still room for a Zoom?

    Reviews Feb 2003
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    Korg D1200

    Digital Recording Studio

    Having upgraded their D16 to the D1600, Korg have now revamped the 12-track D12 to the D1200. So where does Korg's latest offering stand in the competitive digital multitracker marketplace?

    Reviews Jan 2003
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    Mackie SDR24/96

    24-track Hard Disk Recorder

    Mackie's new entry-level hard disk multitrack gives you all the convenience of hardware, but also allows you to transfer tracks to your computer via USB for more detailed editing and mixing.

    Reviews Dec 2002
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    Tascam Pocketstudio 5

    Portable Digital Studio

    Tascam's Pocketstudio might not be quite what you'd call pocket-sized, but it does cram an MP3 digital recorder, a General MIDI sound module and comprehensive multi-effects into an impressively small space.

    Reviews Nov 2002
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    Yamaha AW16G

    Digital Audio Workstation

    First there was the 4416, then the 2816. Now Yamaha have announced a baby brother for their AW audio workstations, in the form of the AW16G.

    Reviews Oct 2002
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    Roland VS2480 v2

    Digital Studio Workstation

    Roland have enhanced the VGA monitor graphical interface of their flagship 24-track recording workstation to make it easier to use, and have also thrown in a few extra features for good measure.

    Reviews Aug 2002
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    Akai DPS24

    24-track/96kHz Digital Studio

    Akai's new 24-track recording and mixing workstation continues the expansion of their DPS multitracker concept with technology derived from the company's renowned post-production machines.

    Reviews May 2002
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    Tascam CDRW2000

    CD Recorder

    If you're on a very tight budget then you might be willing to live with a CD recorder with unbalanced analogue phono connectors, consumer S/PDIF digital interfacing and no-frills operation. However, if you want more professional features, then the CDRW2000 is well worth checking out.

    Reviews Apr 2002
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    Alesis HD24

    Multitrack Recorder

    The new tapeless ADAT provides 24 tracks of hard disk recording at less than the price of the original eight-track.

    Reviews Feb 2002


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