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Digital Recorders

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    Yamaha Pocketrak 2G & CX

    Stereo Recorders

    These portable digital recorders are tiny, convenient, and they look great... but are Yamaha's latest gizmos any good for musicians?

    Reviews Feb 2009
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    Yamaha AW2400

    Digital Multitracker

    After more than five years, Yamaha's AW range boasts a new flagship, offering 24 tracks, a sweeter-sounding automated mixer, four multi-effects processors, and convenient USB file transfer. We find out if it has been worth the wait...

    Reviews Feb 2006
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    Yamaha AW1600

    Digital Multitracker

    Yamaha breathe new life into their AW range with USB connectivity, loop sampling, and an onboard pitch-correction processor.

    Reviews Oct 2005
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    Q. How do I get my Yamaha AW16G to follow my QY700 tempo changes?

    I have a song recorded as a MIDI sequence on a Yamaha QY700 hardware sequencer which I'm trying to record onto a Yamaha AW16G...

    Sound Advice Oct 2005
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    Q. Should I sync my MIDI gear with my multitracker?

    I use MIDI-sequenced sound modules for backing, so I am considering the option of sync'ing my sequencer with my AW4416 and running the modules in time with the recorded material. Or is it more sensible for me to record the module outputs to the hard drive?

    Sound Advice Aug 2005
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    Q. Why do my recordings sound harsh now that I've switched to digital?

    Recently, I bought a digital recorder and have been re-recording some of my old compositions from scratch in digital but, to my great disappointment, I am finding that my mixes are sounding harsh and cluttered. I thought digital recording would give me more clarity in the mix because of its higher fidelity. Where am I going wrong and what can I do about it?

    Sound Advice Mar 2004
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    Yamaha AW16G

    Digital Audio Workstation

    First there was the 4416, then the 2816. Now Yamaha have announced a baby brother for their AW audio workstations, in the form of the AW16G.

    Reviews Oct 2002
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    Yamaha AW2816

    Digital Audio Workstation

    Yamaha's AW2816 audio workstation appears to offer much of the functionality of the acclaimed AW4416, but at an even lower price point.

    Reviews Jan 2002
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