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Digital Recorders

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    Alesis PalmTrack

    24-bit Portable Recorder

    The PalmTrack is an extremely affordable pocket-sized recorder with plenty of features — but have Alesis sacrificed quality to keep costs down?

    Reviews Jul 2010
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    Alesis HD24

    Multitrack Recorder

    The new tapeless ADAT provides 24 tracks of hard disk recording at less than the price of the original eight-track.

    Reviews Feb 2002
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    Alesis MasterLink with remote control.

    Alesis MasterLink

    CD Mastering Processor

    More than just another stand-alone box that burns CD‑Rs, the Alesis MasterLink also includes a large hard drive to store audio and built-in CD mastering tools — in theory, all you need to create CD‑R masters without ever booting up a computer.

    Reviews Apr 2000
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    Alesis M20

    20-bit Professional Digital Recorder

    The ADAT format is more often the choice of personal studios than professional facilities — but the new M20 is set to change all that. Hugh Robjohns takes the 20-bit ADAT for a spin.

    Reviews Sep 1998
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    Alesis LX20

    ADAT Type II Recorder

    Paul White meets the junior member of Alesis' family of Type II 20-bit ADAT recorders.

    Reviews Aug 1998
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    Alesis ADAT XT20

    Digital 8-track Recorder

    Paul White tests the 20-bit Alesis ADAT XT20, to see whether it wil really help us make better recordings or just allows us to record our low-level hum and noise more accurately!

    Reviews May 1998
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    Alesis ADAT XT front panel.

    Alesis ADAT XT

    8-track Digital Audio Recorder

    ADAT is dead, long live the ADAT XT. Paul White reports on the rebirth of a classic.

    Reviews Jan 1996
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