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Digital Recorders

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    HHB CDR882 DualBurn

    Dual-drive CD Recorder

    Newer technologies may be available, but the CD is still alive and kicking... and this unique stand-alone recorder is arguably the pinnacle of CD technology.

    Reviews Dec 2008
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    Edirol R09HR

    24-bit/96kHz Portable Recorder

    Edirol have enhanced their popular stereo recorder in the face of growing competition. How does it measure up?

    Reviews Aug 2008
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    Tascam DR1

    Portable Digital Recorder

    The field recorder market just got a little more crowded, but does Tascam's take on the portable two-track concept add anything new?

    Reviews Jul 2008
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    Olympus LS10

    Portable Stereo Recorder

    The latest entry into the world of portable stereo recorders comes from a company better known for their cameras and accessories.

    Reviews Jun 2008
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