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Digital Recorders

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    Alesis MasterLink with remote control.

    Alesis MasterLink

    CD Mastering Processor

    More than just another stand-alone box that burns CD‑Rs, the Alesis MasterLink also includes a large hard drive to store audio and built-in CD mastering tools — in theory, all you need to create CD‑R masters without ever booting up a computer.

    Reviews Apr 2000
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    Korg D16

    Portable Digital Multitracker

    With new 16-track portable digital multitracker, Korg have packed a lot of features into a surprisingly small case.

    Reviews Feb 2000
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    Fostex VM200 & VR800

    Digital Mixer & 8-track Digital Recorder

    We get our hands on Fostex's latest affordable digital recorder — and the company's first ever stand‑alone digital mixer.

    Reviews Oct 1999
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    Tascam DA45HR

    24-bit DAT Recorder

    A 24‑bit, high‑resolution version of the DAT format allows users of 24‑bit workstations to transfer their mixes using readily available, cheap media.

    Reviews Feb 1999
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    Otari RADAR II digital system.

    Otari RADAR II

    Tapeless 24-track Digital Recording System

    Designed as a replacement for high-end tape-based multitracks, Otari's original RADAR 24-track random access recorder/editor captured a sizeable chunk of the pro market. We take a look at its successor, RADAR II, which offers a host of enhancements including 24-bit audio.

    Reviews Jan 1999
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    Alesis M20

    20-bit Professional Digital Recorder

    The ADAT format is more often the choice of personal studios than professional facilities — but the new M20 is set to change all that. Hugh Robjohns takes the 20-bit ADAT for a spin.

    Reviews Sep 1998
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    Alesis LX20

    ADAT Type II Recorder

    Paul White meets the junior member of Alesis' family of Type II 20-bit ADAT recorders.

    Reviews Aug 1998
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    Alesis ADAT XT20

    Digital 8-track Recorder

    Paul White tests the 20-bit Alesis ADAT XT20, to see whether it wil really help us make better recordings or just allows us to record our low-level hum and noise more accurately!

    Reviews May 1998
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    Fostex D160

    Hard Disk Multitrack Recorder

    Pioneered by Fostex, the concept of the 'personal' digital multitrack — a stand-alone digital recorder with a simple, cassette multitracker-like interface — has been around for two years now. But the new D160 is the first of the bunch to offer 16-track capabilities.

    Reviews Dec 1997
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    Tascam DA98

    Digital Multitrack Recorder

    It started in 88, dropped to 38, now rises to 98... no, it's not the chart performance of the new Spice Girls album, but Tascam's rather strange way of numbering the models in their respected DA series of digital multitrack recorders. Hugh Robjohns checks out the new flagship in the range.

    Reviews Dec 1997
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    Roland VS880 & VS8F1

    Digital Multitrack & Effects Board

    Hot on the heels of Fostex's DMT8 Roland's new VS880 offers another take on the affordable digital multitracker concept. But as Paul White discovers, beneath the apparent similarities lie significant differences...

    Reviews Mar 1996
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    Alesis ADAT XT front panel.

    Alesis ADAT XT

    8-track Digital Audio Recorder

    ADAT is dead, long live the ADAT XT. Paul White reports on the rebirth of a classic.

    Reviews Jan 1996


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