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Digital Recorders

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    Light my way — Akai's Force is an all-in-one production instrument

    Akai unveil Force at NAMM

    New all-in-one production device makes its debut

    Rumours of a new Akai all-in-one production device, capable of sequencing, sampling, synthesis and processing without the need for a computer, have been circling for a while — and now it's arrived!

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    Akai launch standalone MPC X & MPC Live 

    Two new standalone touchscreen MPCs unveiled

    In recent years Akai's reigning champ of hardware sampling, the MPC, has become increasingly reliant...

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    Q. Can you explain the track routing in my Akai multitracker?

    I previously owned a DPS12 and that was fairly simple, but the DPS24 manual talks about using 'groups' to route inputs to tracks. What is a group and how are they used?

    Sound Advice Jun 2005
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