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    Making Multi-mic Recordings Work

    Time-alignment Tips

    Time-alignment can help solve problems in multi-mic recordings — but it can also introduce new problems!

    Techniques . Aug 2020
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    Glossary Of Technical Terms

    Recording | Audio Production | Music Technology | Music Software | MIDI | Audio Plug-ins | Acoustics | Live Sound | Electronics | Computers |

    Welcome to Sound On Sound's regularly updated, indispensible explanations of technical terms from the fields of Recording, Audio Production, Music Technology, MIDI, Music Software, Audio Plug-ins, Mac and PC Computing, Live Sound, Acoustics, Electronics and more...

    Sound Advice Aug 2020
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    Miking up an acoustic guitar

    Troubleshooting Acoustic Guitar Recordings | Podcast

    Expert Tracking & Mixing Tips

    Mike Senior delves into some of the most common troubleshooting tasks when dealing with acoustic guitar recordings at mixdown, and shares his own favourite processing fixes.

    Techniques Aug 2020
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    Podcast Like A Pro!

    Podcast Production For The Project-studio Owner

    If you're a musician, podcasting is the perfect application for the studio skills and equipment you already have.

    Techniques . Jun 2020
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    Remote Music Production

    Successful Recording Over The Internet

    Social distancing needn't mean the end of studio recording. We explain a simple, free setup for real-time online collaboration.

    Techniques May 2020
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    Inside Track: Selena Gomez 'Rare'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Sir Nolan & Tony Maserati

    Working with ace mixer Tony Maserati taught producer Sir Nolan that hit-making is as much about what you take away as what you add...

    Techniques . Apr 2020
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    Session Notes: Recording Status Quo

    The Practical Craft of Recording

    Guest engineer Andy Brook discusses his approach to recording the legendary British rockers' 33rd studio album.

    Techniques Jan 2020
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    Stage To Studio

    How To Mix A Live Recording

    With spill between instruments and bleed from backline and monitors, live-performance recordings present unique mixing challenges. At London's PLASA show, Miloco Studios' engineer Jamie McEvoy explained how to get a great result.

    Techniques Dec 2019
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    Stage To Studio: Audio Examples

    Hear & See For Yourself

    With spill between instruments and bleed from backline and monitors, live‑performance recordings present unique mixing...

    Techniques Dec 2019
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    Downton Abbey Road

    Music & Mixing For The Film Adaptation

    It might be set in the '20s, but Downton Abbey certainly isn't a silent movie! We talk to the team behind its state-of-the-art sound production.

    Techniques Dec 2019
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    Session Notes: Recording Voiceovers At Sea

    The Practical Craft Of Recording

    Find out how a professional VO artist kept his business afloat during a 12‑day ocean cruise!

    Techniques Mar 2019
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    Classic Tracks: The Cranberries 'Linger'

    Producer: Stephen Street • Studio: Windmill 2

    After a record label bidding war the success of the Cranberries' first single was vital. Fans of the Smiths, they called in producer Stephen Street...

    Techniques Mar 2019
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    Production Techniques Using Gates & Expanders

    Golden Gates

    You can do so much more with noise gates and expanders than nix unwanted noise...

    Techniques Sep 2018
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    Tracking A Record In A Day with Vance Powell

    Grammy winning engineer explains how he breezes through instrumental recordings

    When Grammy-winning engineer Vance Powell has to track an entire record in a day, you can rest assured he has some tricks up his sleeve…

    Techniques Jul 2018
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    CLASSIC TRACKS: My Bloody Valentine ‘Only Shallow’

    Producer: Kevin Shields

    It may be famous for its difficult birth, but Loveless was a technical triumph. My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields tells us the story behind their breathtakingly original album.

    Techniques May 2018
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    Session Notes: An Album In 5 Days

    The Practical Craft Of Recording

    Working with a producer and an ambitious timescale, our engineer planned ahead for the best chances of a good result.

    Techniques May 2018
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    Creating Avebury Soundscapes

    Steve Marshall

    His quest to capture the spirit of Avebury led former Radiophonic Workshop composer Steve Marshall to develop some unique experimental recording techniques.

    Techniques Mar 2018
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    CLASSIC TRACKS: Coldcut ‘Paid In Full’ (Seven Minutes Of Madness)

    Producer: Coldcut • Engineer: Raine Shine

    Coldcut’s version of Eric B & Rakim’s ‘Paid In Full’ launched their career and reinvented the concept of the remix at the same time.

    Techniques Dec 2017
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    Q. How do I remove the noise from my lavalier mic recordings?

    I need to do some recording of spoken word, using a cheap and cheerful lavalier mic, but it’s noisy — there’s a steady ‘hiss’. Is there some plug-in that can reduce said noise, perhaps by taking a sample of it and then adding it out of phase?

    Sound Advice Dec 2017
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    Session Notes: Recording Voiceover On The Road

    The Practical Craft Of Recording

    By turning your hotel room into a project studio, you can deliver broadcast-quality VO tracks when you travel.

    Techniques Dec 2017
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    Behind The Scenes At BBC Radio 3’s In Tune

    Finely Tuned

    Keeping the BBC’s flagship classical music show at the top of its game requires serious engineering skill — and the ability to cope with the unexpected!

    Techniques Nov 2017


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