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    Blake Slatkin

    Songwriter & Producer

    Songwriting today is about collaboration, capturing moments of inspiration and polishing them ’til they shine. Blake Slatkin is a master of the art.

    People . Feb 2023
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    Stormzy: Making 'This Is What I Mean'

    Team Production

    Britain’s most high‑profile rapper has made his most ambitious album yet — with a little help from his friends.

    People Jan 2023
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    Gilla Band

    Daniel Fox: Recording 'Most Normal'

    Gilla Band’s new album is one of the least normal things you’ll hear this year...

    People Dec 2022
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    Ricky Reed: Producing Lizzo

    Producer & Songwriter

    Ricky Reed has worked with a multitude of artists across a huge range of genres, most recently delivering a string of huge hits for Lizzo.

    People Nov 2022
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    Bryan Adams

    At Home In The Studio

    Like any true rock star, Bryan Adams is most at home in the studio!

    People Jul 2022
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    The Chainsmokers

    Drew Taggart & Alex Pall: Producing So Far So Good

    The Chainsmokers’ new album shows off some serious production and songwriting skills.

    People Jun 2022
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    Howard Gray Producer

    Howard Gray - Producer | Podcast

    Engineering Tales From The '80s

    Howard Gray gives us a fascinating look behind the scenes of recording and engineering some of the biggest tracks of the '80s.

    People Apr 2022
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    Elbow: Recording Flying Dream 1

    At The Theatre

    Elbow reacted against lockdown and their own tried and tested methods by hiring Brighton’s Theatre Royal as an improvised studio space.

    People Mar 2022
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    Talkback: Du Blonde

    Singer / Producer Beth Jeans Houghton

    Newcastle‑based singer and producer Beth Jeans Houghton, aka Du Blonde, enters the quick-fire questions round...

    People Dec 2021
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    Hugh Robjohns (L) and Paul White (R)

    From Tape To DAW | Podcast

    Recollections From Paul White & Hugh Robjohns

    Paul White and Hugh Robjohns discuss the evolution of recording from the perspective of their own experiences, starting with analogue tape and ending with computer-based digital systems.

    People Nov 2021
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    Fred Gibson aka Fred again...

    From Eno Apprentice To Brit Award-winning Producer

    Producer Fred Gibson (aka Fred again..) studied under Brian Eno and has worked with some of the biggest artists in the world. And his favourite microphone is the one built into his iPhone.

    People Nov 2021
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    Duran Duran

    Nick Rhodes: Making Future Past

    For their 15th album, Duran Duran collaborated with three masters of electronic music and a dog‑fixated artificial intelligence.

    People Oct 2021
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    Sai Shravanam: Recording Indian Music

    Music Producer & Recording Engineer

    Learning to capture Indian music in all its rich variety has been a life’s work for Sai Shravanam.

    People Jul 2021
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    You Me At Six: Recording Suckapunch

    Producer: Dan Austin

    For their latest album, You Me At Six threw out the rulebook and spent six weeks at a residential studio in Thailand. Producer Dan Austin was at the helm.

    People Jan 2021
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    Anna Meredith

    Composing & Producing FIBS

    Few artists straddle the line between classical and electronic music with as much success as Anna Meredith. We talk to her about the creation of her recent Mercury‑nominated album.

    People Jan 2021
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    Yusuf Islam

    Tea For The Tillerman²

    Recorded in 1970, Tea For The Tillerman cemented Cat Stevens’ place in rock history. Half a century later and under his latter‑day name Yusuf Islam, he’s teamed up with original producer Paul Samwell‑Smith to re‑record it from scratch.

    People Nov 2020
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    Jarvis Cocker

    Recording Beyond The Pale

    There are many ways to record an album — and former Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker has tried them all...

    People Oct 2020
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    Vince Clarke: Electronic Music Pioneer

    Writing & Recording Erasure's The Neon Album

    Over four decades, Vince Clarke has helped shape the sound of electronic music. We talk to him about how his working practices have changed, from early Depeche Mode to the new album from Erasure.

    People Oct 2020
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    Ross Orton - Producer

    Ross Orton - Producer | Podcast

    Creating A Drum-centric Studio

    Ross Orton talks to Nigel Humberstone about his transition from playing drums with Jarvis Cocker into the world of production, remixing and songwriting. His steel city stories include working with Arctic Monkeys & Working Men’s Club.

    People Sep 2020
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    Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

    Recording Viscerals

    The rules of heavy metal are well established, but for their latest album, Pigsx7 guitarist and producer Sam Grant added a few of his own.

    People Sep 2020
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    Georgia Barnes

    Artist & Producer

    An explosive Glastonbury performance and acclaimed second album have propelled Georgia Barnes into the mainstream.

    People Aug 2020


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