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    Q. How can I easily match levels on MP3s?

    When I listen to MP3s on a PC or Apple Mac, they are all at different levels, with the louder ones seeming twice as loud as the quietest ones.

    Sound Advice Mar 2013
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    1 Giant Leap

    Duncan Bridgeman : Travels With A Laptop Studio

    Many people love the idea of laptop recording, but few have put it into practice like 1 Giant Leap. Their acclaimed album and DVD project was recorded on an Apple Powerbook during a six-month journey round the world — with a little help from some friends...

    People Feb 2003
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    Martyn Ware.

    Martyn Ware: The Clarke & Ware Experiment


    From his early days as a pioneer of British synth-pop, Martyn Ware has forged a career on the cutting edge of electronic music. And he is still innovating today — in 3D.

    People Apr 2000
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