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    Producing Trap

    Central to Atlanta’s white-hot rap scene is producer Zaytoven, who brings a West Coast flavour to trap.

    People Apr 2018
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    Q&A September 2002

    Your Technical Questions Answered

    How can I use my external effects units with my Akai DPS16 hard disk recorder? How can I convert my mono recordings into stereo? Are there any cheap multi-band compression plug-ins? How can I reverse the effects of performing Windows XP tweaks?

    Sound Advice Sep 2002
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    Brian 'BT' Transeau at home 2001 in his 4 Box Studio.

    Brian 'BT' Transeau

    Emotional Impact

    BT revitalised the sound of boy band N'Sync, composed some of the most radical soundtracks to appear in mainstream films, and has a good claim to have invented trance. And he still finds time to talk to SOS...

    People Dec 2001
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