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    Toby Wright: Recording Hard Rock


    He took an unusual and unhurried career path, but Toby Wright has helped to create some of the most influential hard rock records of the last 20 years, including Metallica's definitive ...And Justice For All, and is now one of America's most sought-after engineers and producers.

    People Dec 2005
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    CLASSIC TRACKS: Jimi Hendrix Experience 'All Along The Watchtower'

    Producers: Chas Chandler, Jimi Hendrix • Engineer: Eddie Kramer

    With his searing version of 'All Along The Watchtower', Jimi Hendrix set a standard for Dylan covers that has rarely been equalled. Eddie Kramer was behind the glass as the sessions moved from London to New York.

    Techniques Nov 2005
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    The Go! Team: Recording Thunder, Lightning, Strike

    Gareth Parton

    The Go! Team's debut album, a glorious pile-up of mangled samples and lo-fi home recordings, is now attracting widespread acclaim — but its path to Mercury nomination and commercial success has been anything but smooth.

    People Nov 2005
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    Manu Katché

    Session Drumming & Music Technology

    He is one of the most famous drummers in the world, having played on more than 200 records. His CV reads like a Who's Who of English, American and French popular music, and even if he prefers not to lose himself in computers, he always takes a PowerBook with him, to write songs, at home or on tour. Meet Manu Katché, drummer extraordinaire.

    People Nov 2005
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    CLASSIC TRACKS: The Hollies 'The Air That I Breathe'

    Producer: Ron Richards, The Hollies • Engineer: Alan Parsons

    The Hollies were the third artist in as many years to cut Albert Hammond and Mike Hazelwood's pop ballad, yet it was their version that became a worldwide top 10 hit. In 1974, Alan Parsons was behind the mixing desk at Abbey Road for the recording.

    Techniques Oct 2005
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    Massive Attack's New Studio

    Robert Del Naja & Neil Davidge

    Production pioneers Massive Attack are going through exciting times — they've built an awesome recording studio, moved into surround soundtrack work, and they have a new album on the way. We take a spin around their new workspace.

    People Oct 2005
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    Studio SOS: Vocal Recordings

    Phil Evans

    This issue's Studio SOS comes to you from the other side of the world, as we help an Australian reader sort out his vocal recordings.

    Techniques Oct 2005
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    Brian Eno.

    Brian Eno

    Recording Another Day On Earth

    For his latest album, musician/producer Brian Eno has returned to the world of songwriting. But his ideas about music are as radical as ever...

    People Oct 2005
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    Steve Albini

    Sound Engineer Extraordinaire

    Steve Albini has become a legend in the world of alternative music by championing traditional engineering skills, respecting the opinions of the artists he records, and doing business ethically.

    People Sep 2005
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    CLASSIC TRACKS: The Pretenders 'Back On The Chain Gang'

    Producer: Chris Thomas • Engineer: Steve Churchyard

    In 1982, the Pretenders responded to desperate circumstances with some of the strongest material they would ever produce. Engineer Steve Churchyard was there to record it.

    People Sep 2005
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    Nainita Desai

    Building A Career In Music For Picture

    For over a decade, Nainita Desai has earned her living designing sounds and composing for film and television. She speaks about her experiences in the industry, and explains what opportunities there are for newcomers who want to get their foot in the door.

    People Sep 2005
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    CLASSIC TRACKS: The Bee Gees 'Stayin' Alive'

    Producers: The Bee Gees, Albhy Galuten, Karl Richardson • Engineer: Karl Richardson

    Disco was an American phenomenon, but its greatest hits were recorded in France by an English band who were trying to play R&B...

    Techniques Aug 2005
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    Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds

    5.1 Surround Remix & Remastering Project

    Jeff Wayne's classic musical adaptation of H.G Wells' novel The War Of The Worlds was a technical tour de force and an enduring commercial success. 27 years after its release, it has undergone a complete rework for 5.1 surround using Pro Tools.

    People Aug 2005
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    CLASSIC TRACKS: Supertramp 'The Logical Song'

    Producers: Supertramp, Peter Henderson • Engineer: Peter Henderson

    Producer/engineer Peter Henderson spent nine months recording an album that neither he nor the A&M label could afford to fail. Yet when he handed in the masters, Henderson was convinced that Supertramp's Breakfast In America would finish his career...

    Techniques Jul 2005
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    CLASSIC TRACKS: 10cc 'I'm Not In Love'

    Producers: 10cc • Engineeer: Eric Stewart

    Disagreement can be destructive, but it can also drive a band on to new heights. So it was when 10cc's Kevin Godley turned up his nose at a love song penned by Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman, insisting that it would have to be completely reinvented in the studio...

    Techniques Jun 2005
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    The Dust Brothers

    Sampling, Remixing & The Boat Studio

    The Dust Brothers changed the course of record production with a new approach to sampling. In their first ever in-depth technical interview, John King and Mike Simpson explain their unique way of making records and open the doors of their remarkable LA studio, The Boat.

    People May 2005
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    Studio SOS: Integrating A Digital Multitracker With A DAW

    East Norfolk Sixth Form College

    East Norfolk Sixth Form College needed help integrating their hardware multitracker with their computer sequencing system, so the SOS team travelled over to Great Yarmouth to lend a hand.

    Techniques May 2005
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    Laurent Garnier

    Producing 'The Cloud Making Machine'

    When DJs produce their own albums, the results can be mixed — but Laurent Garnier is not your average DJ, and his 'The Cloud Making Machine' is anything but a conventional house or techno record.

    People Apr 2005
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    CLASSIC TRACKS: New Order 'True Faith'

    Producers: Stephen Hague & New Order • Engineer: David Jacob

    Producer Stephen Hague took New Order into the studio with an ambitious brief: to write and record a single that would break the band in America.

    Techniques Mar 2005
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    Producing Destroy Rock & Roll

    Myles MacInnes (aka Mylo) has given the dance world a wake-up call with his Destroy Rock & Roll album, blending house music and '80s soft rock to surprising effect.

    People Mar 2005
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    Recording A Charity Song Using The Internet

    Asian Tsunami: Raising Voices

    Celebrities from around the world were keen to contribute to a fund-raising single for victims of the Asian tsunami, and converting all of this goodwill into a finished record required innovative use of broadband Internet to collect together their performances.

    Techniques Mar 2005


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