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    CLASSIC TRACKS: Paul Simon 'You Can Call Me Al'

    Producer: Paul Simon • Engineer: Roy Halee

    Paul Simon's Graceland album combined a huge mixture of musical styles and was recorded in studios all over the world. The man responsible for putting it all together, both sonically and physically, was Simon's long-time engineer Roy Halee. This is how he did it...

    Techniques Sep 2008
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    DEVO 'Whip It' | Classic Tracks

    Producers: Devo, Robert Margouleff • Engineers: Robert Margouleff, Howard Siegel

    Armed with a subversive view of society and a command of catchy synth-pop, Devo burst into the charts in 1980 with weird classic 'Whip It'. Producer Robert Margouleff talks de-evolution...

    People Jul 2008
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    Rob Swire: Recording In Silico

    From their roots as a drum & bass act, Pendulum have transformed themselves into a dance-rock powerhouse.

    People Jun 2008
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    Younger Brother

    Simon Posford & Benji Vaughan

    Younger Brother brings together two of the Twisted labels biggest names. We visited Simon Posfords studio in a bid to uncover the secrets of psytrance...

    People Jan 2008
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