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    The Avalanches

    Darren Seltmann & Robbie Chater

    The Avalanches' acclaimed debut album Since I Left You is composed almost entirely of samples from other records - but there's nothing lazy or unimaginative about their approach to recording...

    People Nov 2002
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    Mike Oldfield: Tres Lunas

    Combining Music And Virtual Reality

    One of the UK's most successful instrumentalists, Mike Oldfield is now embarking on a pioneering attempt to combine music and virtual reality.

    People Nov 2002
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    Media Adventures

    Hans Zimmer & Jay Rifkin

    From Rain Man to The Lion King, and Gladiator to Mission Impossible 2, Hans Zimmer's music is known by audiences worldwide. With business partner Jay Rifkin, Zimmer is also responsible for Media Ventures, a music studio that offers a unique environment for media composers.

    People Oct 2002
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    Nashville Recording

    Recording & Production Insights From Nashville's Top Engineers

    Nashville is still a place of legend when it comes to music. Although overall sales of the city's flagship genre, country music, have dipped somewhat from their mid-'90s peak, Nashville still has a recording legacy matched by few cities in the world.

    Techniques Oct 2002
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    Damon Albarn & Simon Burwell

    Recording Mali Music

    Mali Music is one of the most ambitious collaborations yet between European and African musicians. The brainchild of Blur frontman Damon Albarn, it also represented the first big break for producer Simon Burwell.

    People Sep 2002
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    Gary Miller


    The creative force in the modern pop music business seems, increasingly, to reside with songwriter/producers like Gary Miller, who specialise in getting the best out of artists in collaboration.

    People Aug 2002
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    Sneaker Pimps

    Trip-hop Virtuality

    Dance-rockers the Sneaker Pimps have spent years in the studio together. For their next move, they're going to split up - virtually...

    People Aug 2002
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    Herbie Hancock

    Creating Future2Future & Touring In Surround

    One of the most influential jazz keyboardists ever, Herbie Hancock is renowned for his innovative use of electronics and new production techniques.

    People Jul 2002
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    Recording Sigur Ros

    Ken Thomas & Jonsi Birgisson

    Over the years, Iceland has produced more than its fair share of innovative, experimental pop music. The country's latest hot exports, Sigur Ros, are currently recording an album in a disused swimming pool...

    People Jul 2002
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    Recording Garbage

    Butch Vig • Duke Erikson • Billy Bush

    What can you do when you've reached the limits of technical innovation? According to Garbage, the answer is to go back to the basics of songwriting.

    People Jun 2002
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    Gordon Raphael: Producing The Strokes

    Is This It

    The Strokes' Is This It was many critics' choice for the best album of 2001, and has gone platinum in the UK. Remarkably, it was recorded in a basic New York project studio by a then-unknown producer.

    People Apr 2002
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    So Solid Crew

    Swiss: Approaches To Production

    UK garage is the biggest underground dance music phenomenon for years, and has taken London collective So Solid Crew to the top of the charts. Crew member Swiss talks to SOS about their approach to production.

    People Apr 2002
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    Recording Steve McLean's All This Love And Hate

    Producer: Mark Cunningham • Engineer: Grant Matthews

    One-time SOS writer Mark Cunningham hadn't produced an album for almost 10 years — until a soulful ex-prisoner inspired him to get back behind the desk...

    People Apr 2002
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    Producer: Odd Nosdam

    Recorded on eight-track cassette, cLOUDDEAD's extraordinary debut album is an object lesson in lo-fi production and the creative use of budget equipment.

    People Mar 2002
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    Brian 'BT' Transeau at home 2001 in his 4 Box Studio.

    Brian 'BT' Transeau

    Emotional Impact

    BT revitalised the sound of boy band N'Sync, composed some of the most radical soundtracks to appear in mainstream films, and has a good claim to have invented trance. And he still finds time to talk to SOS...

    People Dec 2001
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    The DS201 exemplifies the typical controls found on a good gate.

    Advanced Gating Techniques: Part 2

    Practical Tips & Tricks

    Gates are far more than just problem-solvers for reducing spill and noise. They can be used to add punch to drum sounds, put rhythmic interest into sustained parts or even as mixing automation.

    Techniques May 2001
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    Drawmer's ever-popular DS201 dual noise gate.

    Advanced Gating Techniques: Part 1

    Tips & Tricks

    Paul White reveals that there's much more to gating than you might think.

    Techniques Apr 2001
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    The single's three million sales have shot Christina Aguilera to worldwide fame.

    Recording Christina Aguilera's 'Genie In A Bottle'

    David Frank: Producer/Co-writer

    Christina Aguilera's debut single was a worldwide smash hit last year, thanks in no small measure to the distinctive work of producer and co‑writer David Frank. Mike Senior finds out how he did it.

    Techniques Apr 2000
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    Martyn Ware.

    Martyn Ware: The Clarke & Ware Experiment


    From his early days as a pioneer of British synth-pop, Martyn Ware has forged a career on the cutting edge of electronic music. And he is still innovating today — in 3D.

    People Apr 2000
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    Dave Eringa, producer of The Manic Street Preachers.

    Dave Eringa: Recording Manic Street Preachers

    Track: 'If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next'

    The first single from the Manic Street Preachers' This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours album entered the UK charts at no.1 — even though the band had adandoned their traditional power‑chord approach in favour of acoustic guitars, string machines and unusual synth effects. We talk to Dave Eringa, the producer who oversaw this successful change of direction.

    People Apr 1999
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    Bill Nelson at home 1999 (age 50).

    Bill Nelson

    Be-Bop Deluxe & Being 50

    Paul Tingen catches up with the musical innovator and legendary force behind BeBop Deluxe at his minimalist home studio, and finds him producing more music than ever before.

    People Feb 1999


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