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    Mix Rescue: Cats On The Beach | Media

    Our Experts Transform Your Tracks

    The audio files to accompany the Mix Rescue artilce.

    Techniques Jun 2015
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    Session Notes: Spektakulatius | Media

    Audio files to accompany the article.


    Techniques Jun 2015
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    Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & Daniel Boyle: Recording Back On The Controls

    Back To The Ark

    Reggae fan Daniel Boyle painstakingly researched the equipment Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry used in his groundbreaking Black Ark studio — then made an album with the dub legend himself.

    People May 2015
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    Joey Sturgis

    Metalcore Producer & Engineer

    From humble beginnings, Joey Sturgis has become a leading producer in the highly technical metalcore scene.

    People Sep 2014
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    Session Notes: Duo Melodika

    Baroque Music

    This month one of our engineers aims to augment the natural beauty of a baroque‑music duo playing in a church.

    Techniques Aug 2014
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    Mixing FOH With A UAD Apollo Interface

    David Williams

    Front-of-house engineer David Williams talks to SOS about why mixing with a DSP audio interface is worthwhile, despite the dangers of using a laptop on stage.

    People Jul 2014
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    Classic Tracks: James Brown 'Papa's Got A Brand New Bag'

    Producer: James Brown • Engineer: Ron Lenhoff

    'Papa's Got A Brand New Bag' was James Brown's statement of intent as he abandoned soulful ballads in favour of a raw and frenetic new sound.

    Techniques Jun 2014
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    Prefab Sprout

    Paddy McAloon: From Langley Park To Memphis (And Back)

    Prefab Sprout rose to fame in an era of indulgence and eye‑watering studio budgets. These days, things are a little different...

    People Mar 2014
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    Classic Tracks: Tomorrow 'My White Bicycle'

    Producer: Mark Wirtz • Engineer: Geoff Emerick

    Tomorrow's pioneering paean to the joys of communal public transport has proved to be a classic of the British psychedelic underground.

    People Mar 2014
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    Classic Tracks: Tom Petty 'Learning To Fly'

    Producers: Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne • Engineer: Richard Dodd

    While Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne’s writing partnership was certainly successful, it was the partnership between Jeff Lynne and engineer Richard Dodd that gave the records their distinctive sparkle.

    People Feb 2014
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    John Newman & Ant Whiting: 'Love Me Again'

    Producing Tribute

    Proving that not every pop star is a manufactured creation, John Newman is as at home in the studio as he is on TV.

    People Feb 2014
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    Classic Tracks: Shirley Bassey 'Goldfinger'

    Producers: John Barry, George Martin. Engineer: Eric Tomlinson.

    Engineer Eric Tomlinson recorded a host of classic soundtracks during his 40-year career, not to mention what's...

    People Jan 2014
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    Phil Ramone & The Secrets Of Vocal Production

    The Producer & Artist Relationship

    Producer Phil Ramone was legendary for getting great vocal sounds. Here's how he did it — and how you can do the same.

    People Jan 2014
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    Classic Tracks : Beastie Boys 'Sabotage'

    Producers: Beastie Boys & Mario Caldato Jr (Mario C) • Engineer: Mario Caldato Jr

    The standout track from the Beastie Boys' smash hit Ill Communication album nearly didn't make it onto the record at all — and when it did, it was the eight-track ADAT mix that made the final cut.

    People Aug 2013
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    The first 41 series of Later were filmed in Studio 1 at London's Television Centre, where this panoramic photo was taken.

    The Making Of Later... With Jools Holland

    Live Sound Music Production For TV

    The BBC's flagship music programme is broadcast around the world. We go behind the scenes to discover the secrets of its complex sound production.

    Techniques Aug 2013
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    Daft Punk.

    Recording Random Access Memories | Daft Punk

    Peter Franco & Mick Guzauski

    Daft Punk spent four years and over a million dollars on their quest to revisit the golden age of record production. Mick Guzauski and Peter Franco were with them all the way.

    People Jul 2013
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    Stornoway in their Oxford shed-cum-studio. From left: Oli Steadman, Brian Briggs, Rob Steadman and Jon Ouin.

    Stornoway: Recording Tales From Terra Firma

    Jonathan Ouin, Oli Steadman & George Shilling

    Many bands record their own albums these days, but few achieve as much with as little gear as Stornoway.

    People May 2013
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    The Price Of Kings documentary.

    Recording & Mixing The Price Of Kings

    Richard Symons, Simon Bishop & Bob Clearmountain

    Documentary films stand or fall on the strength of their soundtracks — and when you are recording the emotional outpourings of a world leader, there are no second takes.

    Techniques Feb 2013
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    Classic Tracks: Adam & The Ants ‘Stand & Deliver’

    Producer: Chris Hughes • Engineer: Alan Douglas

    To say that producer Chris Hughes was closely involved with Recording Adam & The Ants’ biggest records would be a bit of an understatement — he got so involved he joined the band...

    People Jan 2013
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    Peter Walsh & Scott Walker

    Producing Bish Bosch

    Scott Walker’s career has taken him from pop stardom to high art. In a rare interview, he and producer Peter Walsh lay bare their unique approach to recording.

    People Jan 2013
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    Shahid ‘Naughty Boy’ Khan

    Producing Emeli Sandé

    Shahid Khan has gone from pizza delivery man to in-demand producer — with a little help from Noel Edmonds.

    People Jan 2013


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