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    The Horrible Histories Songs

    Matt Katz & Richie Webb

    Karl Marx predicted that history would repeat itself as farce — but he never saw a role for expert pop parody!

    People Dec 2017
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    Scoring Horizon Zero Dawn

    Joris de Man • Joe Henson • Lucas Van Tol

    Blockbuster video game Horizon Zero Dawn took six years to make, and required its three composers to invent an entirely new sound world.

    Techniques Jul 2017
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    Session Notes: Writing & Recording Cello Overdubs

    Dunning Kruger

    This month, our engineer gets roped into the writing and arrangement process as he tracks cello parts in a living room.

    Techniques Feb 2013
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    Brian Eno.

    Brian Eno

    Recording Another Day On Earth

    For his latest album, musician/producer Brian Eno has returned to the world of songwriting. But his ideas about music are as radical as ever...

    People Oct 2005
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    Media Adventures

    Hans Zimmer & Jay Rifkin

    From Rain Man to The Lion King, and Gladiator to Mission Impossible 2, Hans Zimmer's music is known by audiences worldwide. With business partner Jay Rifkin, Zimmer is also responsible for Media Ventures, a music studio that offers a unique environment for media composers.

    People Oct 2002
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    Hit Factors

    The Link Between Music & Emotional Response

    Do hit songs have a hidden ingredient that makes them successful by appealing directly to our emotions? It's a question that musicians and scientists have sought the answer to for many decades. Acoustic researcher Ernest Cholakis has a new take on the theory...

    Techniques May 2002
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