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    Tomas Skogsberg: Modern Metal

    Creating The Sunlight Sound

    Deep in the Swedish forest, we track down a producer whose work has defined the sound of modern metal.

    People Dec 2019
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    Black Lion's new Eighteen, a combined mic preamp and EQ, can form a complement to last year's Seventeen compressor.

    Black Lion turn Eighteen

    New channel strip harks back to gear built with classic op amps

    The new Eighteen is a combined mic preamp and EQ which pays homage to preamp designs based on classic Melcor op amps.

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    Jacob Collier

    Singer, Composer, Multi-instrumentalist & Producer

    Dazzling harmonies, complex arrangements and ambitious production have made multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier a unique phenomenon.

    People Nov 2019
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    Q. What do you mean by 'subsonic components'?

    In the AEA RPQ2 ribbon mic pre review, what exactly did the reviewer mean by "Still has limited ability to remove unwanted subsonic components"?

    Sound Advice Oct 2019
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    Mark Linett - Remixing The Beach Boys

    Video Feature

    Mark Linett is the engineer responsible for preserving and enhancing the recorded legacy of America’s greatest pop group...

    People Jul 2019
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    Devin Townsend

    Musician & Producer

    Devin Townsend turned producer because no-one else could capture his ambitious musical ideas. It led him on a 25-year learning curve that shows no sign of ending...

    People Jul 2019
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    Billie Eilish

    Finneas O'Connell: Producing When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

    Teenage sensation Billie Eilish has taken the music world by storm — with an album recorded in her brother's bedroom.

    People Jul 2019
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    The Abbey Road Institute's four-day Song Production Masterclass is led by Hadyn Bendall (right) at the famous London studios.

    Fancy a few days recording at Abbey Road?

    Record, mix and master a song at this classic studio — with Abbey Road Institute's four-day Masterclass

    Record, mix and master a song with the industry's finest at the classic London studio — with Abbey Road Institute's four-day Masterclass.

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    Trevor Horn: The Art Of Record Production

    Video Feature

    From ABC to Yes via Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Trevor Horn produced some of the most iconic records of the 1980s. In this feature video, Trevor talks about the art of record production then and now.

    People May 2019
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    Foals: Yannis Philippakis & Brett Shaw

Producing Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

    Foals' first foray into self-production yielded not one but two albums — but making them wasn't easy!

    People Apr 2019
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    Samplecraze Compression Masterclass

    Samplecraze release Compression Masterclass

    20 videos totalling over 4+ hours demystify compression techniques and applications

    Adding to the immensely popular 'masterclass series' of videos from Samplecraze is the Compression Masterclass which offers access to 20 videos totalling over 4+ hours and caters for beginners, intermediates and advanced budding producers.

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    Dave Cobb

    Producer & Engineer

    Dave Cobb's approach to recording is simple — but as artists like Chris Stapleton, Rival Sons and Jason Isbell have found, it's very effective.

    People Feb 2019
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