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    Recording Steve McLean's All This Love And Hate

    Producer: Mark Cunningham • Engineer: Grant Matthews

    One-time SOS writer Mark Cunningham hadn't produced an album for almost 10 years — until a soulful ex-prisoner inspired him to get back behind the desk...

    People April 2002
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    Producer: Odd Nosdam

    Recorded on eight-track cassette, cLOUDDEAD's extraordinary debut album is an object lesson in lo-fi production and the creative use of budget equipment.

    People March 2002
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    Readerzone: Gary Amos

    Location Recording With A Portastudio

    This month's Readerzone doesn't have a home studio at all, but instead has chosen to concentrate on location recording — and with his modest Portastudio-based setup he's achieving a degree of local success.

    People February 2002
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    Brian 'BT' Transeau

    Emotional Impact

    BT revitalised the sound of boy band N'Sync, composed some of the most radical soundtracks to appear in mainstream films, and has a good claim to have invented trance. And he still finds time to talk to SOS...

    People December 2001
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    Martyn Ware: The Clarke & Ware Experiment


    From his early days as a pioneer of British synth-pop, Martyn Ware has forged a career on the cutting edge of electronic music. And he is still innovating today — in 3D.

    People April 2000
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    Dave Eringa: Recording Manic Street Preachers

    Track: 'If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next'

    The first single from the Manic Street Preachers' This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours album entered the UK charts at no.1 — even though the band had adandoned their traditional power‑chord approach in favour of acoustic guitars, string machines and unusual synth effects. We talk to Dave Eringa, the producer who oversaw this successful change of direction.

    People April 1999
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    Bill Nelson

    Be-Bop Deluxe & Being 50

    Paul Tingen catches up with the musical innovator and legendary force behind BeBop Deluxe at his minimalist home studio, and finds him producing more music than ever before.

    People February 1999
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    Deep Purple

    Recording Their 'Abandon' Album

    Legendary rockers Deep Purple are back with a new, self-produced album. Sharon Stancavage talks to bassist Roger Glover and engineer Darren Schneider about how it was recorded.

    People January 1999


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