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    Ross Orton - Producer

    Ross Orton - Producer | Podcast

    Creating A Drum-centric Studio

    Ross Orton talks to Nigel Humberstone about his transition from playing drums with Jarvis Cocker into the world of production, remixing and songwriting. His steel city stories include working with Arctic Monkeys & Working Men’s Club.

    People Sep 2020
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    Laura Sisk: Engineer

    Recording Lana Del Rey's 'Norman' Album

    Her ability to balance the human and the technical sides of recording has made Laura Sisk one of the US's most in-demand engineers.

    People Feb 2020
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    Tomas Skogsberg: Modern Metal

    Creating The Sunlight Sound

    Deep in the Swedish forest, we track down a producer whose work has defined the sound of modern metal.

    People Dec 2019
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    Mark Linett - Remixing The Beach Boys

    Video Feature

    Mark Linett is the engineer responsible for preserving and enhancing the recorded legacy of America’s greatest pop group...

    People Jul 2019
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    Devin Townsend

    Musician & Producer

    Devin Townsend turned producer because no-one else could capture his ambitious musical ideas. It led him on a 25-year learning curve that shows no sign of ending...

    People Jul 2019
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    Billie Eilish

    Finneas O'Connell: Producing When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

    Teenage sensation Billie Eilish has taken the music world by storm — with an album recorded in her brother's bedroom.

    People Jul 2019
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    Trevor Horn: The Art Of Record Production

    Video Feature

    From ABC to Yes via Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Trevor Horn produced some of the most iconic records of the 1980s. In this feature video, Trevor talks about the art of record production then and now.

    People May 2019
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    Foals: Yannis Philippakis & Brett Shaw

Producing Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

    Foals' first foray into self-production yielded not one but two albums — but making them wasn't easy!

    People Apr 2019
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    Michalis MsM Michael

    Engineer & Mixer

    MsM’s bedroom studio in North London helped put grime on the map. Since then, both engineer and music have gone on to bigger things...

    People Nov 2018
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    Emile Haynie: Producing Florence + The Machine

    The Making Of High As Hope

    For her eagerly awaited new album, Florence Welch teamed up with one of the world’s hottest producers. Emile Haynie and Florence herself describe the making of High As Hope.

    People Aug 2018
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    Young Fathers

    Graham ‘G’ Hastings: Producing Cocoa Sugar

    The playful, genre-defying sound of Young Fathers reflects an equally unorthodox approach to studio recording.

    People Jun 2018
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    Producing Trap

    Central to Atlanta’s white-hot rap scene is producer Zaytoven, who brings a West Coast flavour to trap.

    People Apr 2018
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    The Morrissey Effect

    Joe Chiccarelli & Maxime Le Guil: Recording Low In High School

    When you’re recording a Morrissey album, you need to be ready for anything...

    People Feb 2018
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    The Horrible Histories Songs

    Matt Katz & Richie Webb

    Karl Marx predicted that history would repeat itself as farce — but he never saw a role for expert pop parody!

    People Dec 2017
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    SOHN: Sonic Signatures

    Video Feature

    Soulful electronic artist/producer SOHN shows us how he layers up, edits and processes his own vocals, and uses Auto-Tune in an unconventional way to create ear-catching textural and percussive elements.

    People Jul 2017
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    Producing Clean Bandit

    Jack Patterson & Mark Ralph

    Not many dance acts start life as string quartets — but Clean Bandit’s fusion of classical and electronic music has powered them to worldwide success.

    People Mar 2017
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    Agnes Obel

    Producing Citizen Of Glass

    The challenge of creating a glass-themed sound world for her third album led Agnes Obel to explore some little-used instruments and techniques.

    People Nov 2016
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    Dan Smith & Mark Crew: Producing Wild World

    Like their debut, Bastille’s Wild World was recorded in a South London basement — but this time around, the band were global superstars.

    People Nov 2016
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    Jack Garratt

    Producing 'Phase'

    Singer, songwriter and producer Jack Garratt is only 24, yet his debut album Phase still draws on a decade’s experience in the music business.

    People Sep 2016
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    sos vance powell thumb

    Vance Powell - Recording Rock

    Video Feature

    Grammy-winning producer/engineer Vance Powell welcomes SOS to Sputnik Sound in Nashville to show us how he recorded a track for rock act Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown.

    People Sep 2016
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    John Parish

    Producing PJ Harvey

    PJ Harvey’s long-term co-producer John Parish is uncompromising in his willingness to experiment — even with the world watching!

    People Aug 2016


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