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    Donna Summer ‘I Feel Love’ | Classic Tracks

    Producers: Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte • Engineer: Juergen Koppers

    The pioneering electronica of I Feel Love didnt just revolutionise disco, it changed dance music forever. This is the story of how it was made...

    People Oct 2009
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    Compression Made Easy | Audio Files

    Audio Examples From Demystifying Compressor Controls & Parameters

    It can be difficult reading about compression without hearing what it does. Here are a number of audio files to accompany this article, with a detailed explanation of what they demonstrate.

    Techniques Sep 2009
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    Compression Made Easy

    Demystifying Compressor Controls & Parameters

    Getting precisely the results you want from compressors can often be the key to a tight, modern-sounding mix. We explain what the controls are designed to achieve and how they relate to what you hear.

    Techniques Sep 2009
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