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    Q. Should I apply dither after sample-rate conversion?

    If I open a 16‑bit, 96kHz audio file, resample it to 48kHz, and then export it again, still at 16 bits, do I need to apply dither?

    Sound Advice Dec 2021
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    Talkback: Du Blonde

    Singer / Producer Beth Jeans Houghton

    Newcastle‑based singer and producer Beth Jeans Houghton, aka Du Blonde, enters the quick-fire questions round...

    People Dec 2021
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    How I Got That Sound: Danny Elfman

    Danny Elfman ‘True’

    Elfman recently released his latest solo album, Big Mess, and chose a track from the album as his favourite sonic achievement.

    Techniques Dec 2021
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    Classic Tracks: Wire ‘Outdoor Miner’

    Producer: Mike Thorne • Studio: Advision

    The three albums Mike Thorne produced for Wire showed that there was much, much more to punk than met the eye.

    Techniques Dec 2021
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    Hugh Robjohns (L) and Paul White (R)

    From Tape To DAW | Podcast

    Recollections From Paul White & Hugh Robjohns

    Paul White and Hugh Robjohns discuss the evolution of recording from the perspective of their own experiences, starting with analogue tape and ending with computer-based digital systems.

    People Nov 2021
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    Fred Gibson aka Fred again...

    From Eno Apprentice To Brit Award-winning Producer

    Producer Fred Gibson (aka Fred again..) studied under Brian Eno and has worked with some of the biggest artists in the world. And his favourite microphone is the one built into his iPhone.

    People Nov 2021
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    How I Got That Sound: Andrew Maury

    Lewis Del Mar ‘Loud(y)’

    New York‑based engineer and producer Andrew Maury, when asked to pick a favourite sound that he’s worked on, nominates the drum mix he created for Lewis Del Mar's ‘Loud(y)’.

    Techniques Nov 2021
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    Duran Duran

    Nick Rhodes: Making Future Past

    For their 15th album, Duran Duran collaborated with three masters of electronic music and a dog‑fixated artificial intelligence.

    People Oct 2021
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    How I Got That Sound: Martin Landquist

    A‑ha ‘Lifelines’

    Landquist reveals how he got his favourite sound on A‑ha’s ‘Lifelines’, the 2002 title track to the Norwegian synth‑popsters’ seventh studio album.

    Techniques Oct 2021
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    RECORDING TECHNOLOGY: Basics & Beyond 2021 front cover

    FREE eBook - RECORDING TECHNOLOGY: Basics & Beyond

    170-page FREE digital publication from Sound On Sound

    This FREE SOS guide introduces readers to the essential components of a modern recording system and explains the recording process in an easy-to-follow way.

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    How I Got That Sound: Tim Palmer

    Pearl Jam ‘Black’

    When asked to pick a favourite sound that he’s worked on, English producer and mixing engineer Tim Palmer nominates the radio speaker guitar intro from Pearl Jam's ‘Black’.

    Techniques Sep 2021
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    Remote Vocal-Ensemble Production

    We show you how to get great results from self‑recording singers.

    Techniques Sep 2021
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    Classic Tracks: Japan ‘Ghosts’

    Producers: Japan • Steve Nye

    Japan keyboard player Richard Barbieri tells the story of their most haunting hit.

    Techniques Aug 2021
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    How I Got That Sound: Chris Sheldon

    Oceansize ‘One Day All This Could Be Yours’

    English producer and mixer Chris Sheldon, when asked to pick a favourite sound that he’s worked on, nominates the drum sound he got with rock band Oceansize.

    Techniques Aug 2021
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    How I Got That Sound: Steve Albini

    The Jesus Lizard ‘Seasick’

    In the first episode of a new column, we asked Steve Albini to choose a favourite sound from his huge back catalogue and explain how it was created.

    Techniques Jul 2021
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    Sai Shravanam: Recording Indian Music

    Music Producer & Recording Engineer

    Learning to capture Indian music in all its rich variety has been a life’s work for Sai Shravanam.

    People Jul 2021
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    Field Music: Building A Track In The Studio


    Across 17 years and eight albums, Field Music have become one of Britain’s best-loved guitar bands. They’ve also evolved a...

    Techniques Jul 2021
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    How To Succeed As An Online Session Musician

    Session Smarts

    Two veterans of the online session world share their top tips for success.

    Sound Advice Jun 2021
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    Classic Tracks: The Bangles ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’

    Producer: David Kahne

    ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ was a huge hit for the Bangles, but it all started with a demo mix‑up and some very unusual percussion.

    Techniques May 2021
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    Rode Connect

    Free podcasting app from Rode

    New app works with NT-USB Mini desktop mic

    Rode Connect works with Rode's NT-USB Mini microphones, and can accommodate up to six guests simultaneously.

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    An Introduction To Binaural Recording

    Use Your Head

    Binaural recordings are an easy and effective way to capture immersive audio.

    Techniques Apr 2021


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