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    Dan Dean Solo Strings Advanced

    Kontakt 2 Player

    Dan Dean's original Solo Strings library comprised violin, viola, and cello, beautifully recorded in 24‑bit stereo and...

    Reviews Jun 2009
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    Dan Dean Solo Instruments: Brass, Woodwinds, Strings

    Sample Library

    • Solo Brass **** • Solo Woodwinds ***** • Solo Strings ***

    Reviews Apr 2003
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    Dan Dean Brass Ensembles

    Sample Library

    An awful lot of blowing went into Dan Dean's new orchestral release - but is this the wind of change, or just a great deal of hot air?

    Reviews Feb 2003
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    Dan Dean Solo Brass

    Sample Library

    ***** Score = 5/5. This is the first Dan Dean library to feature up to eight velocity layers for the smoothest ever transitions of timbre from soft to loud...

    Reviews Jan 2002
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