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    SampleTank goes 4th

    IK Multimedia release major SampleTank upgrade

    With up to 250GB of sounds, a redesigned, fully zoomable GUI, and a new sample engine, IK's SampleTank 4 is no incremental upgrade.

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    IK Multimedia SampleMoog

    Sample Library [Mac/PC]

    With the real thing becoming ever more scarce and expensive, samples are an affordable way to the Moog synth sound. SampleMoog offers exactly this, providing extensive samples of 16 of Dr. Bob's finest.

    Reviews May 2008
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    IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik

    Virtual Orchestra [PC/Mac]

    Miroslav Vitous's orchestral library was the first of its kind, and more than 10 years after its launch, has been reinvented as a self-contained virtual instrument. Is the original still the best?

    Reviews Mar 2006
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