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    Performance Samples Solos Of The Sea – Solo Violin A

    Kontakt Instrument

    Solo Violin A contains the simplest of instruments: an effective legato violin patch.

    Reviews Jan 2019
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    Performance Samples Con Moto Cellos

    Kontakt Instrument

    The Con Moto Cellos samples are taken from actual performances, the idea being to give a sense of naturalistic movement with dynamic and tonal consistency to played phrases.

    Reviews Oct 2018
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    Performance Samples Oceania

    Kontakt Instrument

    Oceania comprises two choirs — men and women — which can be used independently but are at their imposing best when played in tandem.

    Reviews Aug 2018
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    Performance Samples Caspian

    Thematic Orchestral Brass Kontakt Instrument

    Caspian: Thematic Orchestral Brass comprises three .NKI patches: Six French Horns, Three Bass Trombones and Three Trumpets, performed by the Czechoslovakia-based Capellen Orchestra.

    Reviews Feb 2018
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