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    In Session Audio Drumatic Creator

    Kontakt Instrument

    Rating: ***** 5/5 Stars. Deeply sampled percussion nestles in a fiendishly clever Kontakt engine that allows the user to design their own percussion ensembles down to the finest detail.

    Reviews Jun 2020
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    In Session Audio Riff Generation | Outside In Edition

    Kontakt Instrument

    Rating: ***** 5/5 Stars. The emphasis here is on sounds with a shorter duration and there are many with a percussive nature, allowing you to easily create a rhythmic element within your sequenced patterns.

    Reviews Jan 2020
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    In Session Audio Taiko Creator

    Sample Library

    If your thunderous cinematic percussion is getting out of control, you need Taiko Creator.

    Reviews May 2019
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    In Session Audio Shimmer Shake Strike

    Kontakt Instrument

    Every so often, something so incredibly useful comes out that you wonder why nobody thought of it before. This Kontakt instrument is such a product...

    Reviews Dec 2018
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