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    Steinberg Halion Symphonic Orchestra

    Software Instrument [Mac/PC]

    We find out how well Steinberg's new take on the virtual orchestra conducts itself...

    Reviews Oct 2006
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    Steinberg Halion Player v3.1

    Steinberg Halion Player v3.1

    Sample Library Player [PC/Mac]

    If you want the sample playback features of Steinberg's Halion sample player, but you don't need its detailed editing facilities, there's now an affordable answer to your needs — and it includes the full Halion sound library too...

    Reviews Nov 2005
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    Q & A April 2002

    Your Technical Questions Answered

    Why is phase important? What orchestral sample libraries are available for HALion? Where can I get Windows-based ASIO drivers for an Audiomedia III card? Are there really reverb and synth plug-ins supplied with Mac OS X? How can I isolate the vocals from a stereo mix?

    Sound Advice Apr 2002
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