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    VSL Synchron Power Drums, Concert D274 & Yamaha CFX Pianos

    Virtual Instruments

    VSL push out the boat with hall-recorded rock power drums and two top of the range grand pianos.

    Reviews Jun 2019
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    VSL Vienna Instruments

    Virtual Orchestral Instruments [Mac/PC]

    The Vienna Symphonic Library are well known for their amazingly detailed collections of orchestral sounds, and now they're providing them as virtual instruments. Will this take the VSL concept to a new audience, or is it a step too far?

    Reviews Jul 2006
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    VSL Vienna Instruments

    VST/AU Orchestral Plug-ins [PC/Mac]

    VSL, makers of the world's largest orchestral library, have unveiled their next phase of development. SOS were at the launch...

    Reviews Feb 2006
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