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Sample Libraries

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    Q. Where can I find a software GM sound module?

    It should be simple, but nowhere can I find a General MIDI (XG/GS) software sound module for VST. Can you help? A freeware...

    Sound Advice Jun 2006
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    Q. What are 'construction-kit' sample libraries?

    Could you please explain what construction kits are? I've come across them on sample CDs but don't know how they differ from normal loops...

    Sound Advice Apr 2006
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    Q. Will my PC run Garritan Personal Orchestra?

    I am very interested in purchasing Garritan Personal Orchestra as reviewed in the October 2004 edition of ...

    Sound Advice May 2005
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    Q & A April 2002

    Your Technical Questions Answered

    Why is phase important? What orchestral sample libraries are available for HALion? Where can I get Windows-based ASIO drivers for an Audiomedia III card? Are there really reverb and synth plug-ins supplied with Mac OS X? How can I isolate the vocals from a stereo mix?

    Sound Advice Apr 2002
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