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    Emu Emulator X2

    Software Sampler [Windows]

    Not content with adding a huge raft of improvements to their already comprehensive Emulator X soft sampler, Emu have also removed the need to use it with their own soundcards, so now everyone can get in on the fun.

    Reviews Aug 2006
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    Yellow Tools Independence

    Software Sampler

    Building on their modular software instruments, Yellow Tools' Independence is a combined software sampler and workstation synth. But it faces a lot of competition. What makes it stand out from the rest?

    Reviews Jun 2006
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    Cakewalk Dimension Pro

    Software Synth & Sampler [Mac OS X/Win XP]

    Cakewalk have taken the workhorse soft synth that was bundled with their Project 5 loop sequencer, put the sound library on steroids and made it available as a separate product on both Mac and PC.

    Reviews May 2006
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    Skylife Sample Robot

    Auto-sampling Software [Windows]

    Like the idea of having all your hardware synth sounds in a software sampler, but can't be bothered to do the necessary programming? Fear not, Sample Robot will do it for you...

    Reviews Mar 2006
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    The Lost Art Of Sampling: Part 7

    Part 7 of 7

    We bring our series on rediscovering the the art of sampling to a close, with a look into the future.

    Techniques Feb 2006
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    The Lost Art Of Sampling: Part 6

    Layering & Multitimbrality

    We continue exploring what your sampler's synth engine can do to liven up bland self-sampled sounds, and explain the concepts of layering and multitimbrality.

    Techniques Jan 2006
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