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Samplers / Sampling

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    Q. Should I buy a hardware sampler?

    Prices for former top-of-the-line hardware samplers are ridiculously cheap these days. Emu...

    Sound Advice Nov 2013
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    Q. Why use upsampling within plug-ins?

    If high sample rates make no discernible difference when recording (which is effectively what Dan Lavry's much-quoted white...

    Sound Advice Nov 2012
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    Synth Preservation Society | Media

    Sampling Vintage Synthesizers

    These audio files accompany the Sampling Vintage Synths article that featured in SOS July 2011.

    Sound Advice Jul 2011
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    Sample Clearance

    The SOS Guide To Copyright Law On Sampling

    Using someone else's recording in your music without permission can lead to disaster. We explain the ins and outs of copyright law, and guide you through the process of clearing your samples.

    Sound Advice Mar 2008
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    Q. How do I backup my Akai 3200XL library?

    I've been thinking about using the DAT backup/restore function to back up my Akai 3200XL sample library...

    Sound Advice Aug 2006
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    Q. How can I stop my drum loops from going out of sync?

    I have some sampled drum patterns that I am trying to loop. I find that they are losing sync over the course of the track. What's going wrong and how do I fix it?

    Sound Advice Mar 2005
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    Q. How can I get my multisampled synths to sound more even?

    I have recently bought an Akai S5000 sampler and I am attempting to create samples of some synths I have...

    Sound Advice Feb 2005
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    Q & A December 2012

    Your Technical Questions Answered

    Can you advise on the powering and positioning of Behringer's Truth monitors? How can I control proximity effect? Why do speaker stands have spikes? Will Steinberg's Virtual Guitarist run on my PC? Will replacing my carpet with laminate affect the acoustics? Can you recommend a second-hand sampler with a floppy drive? How can I get broadcast masters to sound louder?

    Sound Advice Dec 2002
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