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    Q & A December 2012

    Your Technical Questions Answered

    Can you advise on the powering and positioning of Behringer's Truth monitors? How can I control proximity effect? Why do speaker stands have spikes? Will Steinberg's Virtual Guitarist run on my PC? Will replacing my carpet with laminate affect the acoustics? Can you recommend a second-hand sampler with a floppy drive? How can I get broadcast masters to sound louder?

    Sound Advice Dec 2002
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    Korg KP2 Kaoss Pad

    Dynamic Multi-effects Processor & Sampler

    Korg give their creative real-time effects processor a face-lift, adding new algorithms, extra sampling power, and tempo-matching facilities.

    Reviews Nov 2002
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    Akai MPC4000

    Sampling Workstation

    Akai's MPC sampling workstations have been a studio fixture for nearly 15 years, and the MPC4000 is the most powerful one yet. But the world of sampling has changed dramatically since the MPC2000XL was released. Can an MPC still cut it in the 21st century?

    Reviews Sep 2002
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    pHATmatik Pro main screen.

    Bitshift Audio pHATmatik Pro

    VST Sample Loop Manipulation Plug-in [Mac/PC]

    Users of Propellerhead's Recycle could be forgiven for thinking that sample slicing couldn't get much easier, but Bitshift Audio's pHATmatik Pro aims to prove them wrong by offering an unprecedented level of integration with MIDI + Audio sequencers.

    Reviews Sep 2002
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    Probably the quickest way to get multisamples into EXS24 is to record all the notes in one take into Logic and then use the Audio window's Strip Silence function to slice the individual notes into separate audio files.

    Multisampling With EXS24

    Sampling Sound Modules For Use In Logic's EXS24

    With a software sampler such as Emagic's EXS24, creating multisampled instruments from your favourite patches on your hardware sound modules needen't be a chore.

    Techniques Aug 2002
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    Native Instruments Kontakt

    Software Sampler [PC & Mac]

    Although Native Instruments' Reaktor has offered sampling options for some time, it's taken the company a while to produce a dedicated software sampler: Kontakt. Can it make headway in what has become a crowded market?

    Reviews Aug 2002
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    Akai Z8

    Z-Series Hardware Samplers

    Many people consider software samplers to have consigned the hardware equivalent to history. Not Akai, who have responded by releasing their best-value hardware samplers ever, offering unprecedented levels of computer integration, and packing them with user-friendly features.

    Reviews Jul 2002
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    Korg Triton Studio

    Production Workstation

    Korg's Trinity and Triton have led the workstation market for so long that updating the concept can't have been easy — after all, how do you improve the best? So what's new in the Triton Studio, and will it keep Korg ahead?

    Reviews Jul 2002
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    Boss SP505

    Groove Sampling Workstation

    The latest addition to Boss & Roland's SP phrase sampler range, the SP505, is crammed full of sample-editing options and dance/hip-hop-oriented ROM sounds, and continues the current trend towards ever-expanding feature sets.

    Reviews Jun 2002
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    Yamaha SREV1

    Sampling Reverberator

    Yamaha' s cutting-edge reverberation processor uses convolution techniques to sample the ambience of real acoustic environments, allowing extremely accurate simulations.

    Reviews Jun 2002
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    A mono-to-stereo instance of Altiverb running an impulse response of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw.

    Audio Ease Altiverb

    Sampling Reverb Plug-in

    The latest technological advances in reverb design have yielded expensive hardware units that can 'sample' the sound of real rooms. Now Audio Ease's Altiverb brings the same convolving technology to the Mac — at a fraction of the cost.

    Reviews May 2002
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    Emu RFX32

    Effects/Mixer Card For Emu Ultra Samplers

    The market for hardware samplers may be on the wane, but Emu aren't abandoning their hardware customers; their RFX32 effects/mixer card can add tremendous processing and routing power to any of their Ultra samplers.

    Reviews May 2002
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    Django Bates' Human Chain

    Soft Samplers For Live Music

    Software samplers are revolutionising studio recording, but can they replace their hardware counterparts in live performance? Jazz keyboardist Django Bates is in the process of finding out...

    People Feb 2002
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    Red Sound C-Loops

    Loop Sampler

    The unique C-Loops from Red Sound Systems can automatically detect the tempo of incoming audio, sample it and chop it to length ready for re‑triggering, as well as automatically timestretching all its on‑board loops to match any new tempo it receives.

    Reviews Jan 2002
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