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    Elektron Model:Cycles

    FM Groovebox

    The Model:Cycles offers an easy and affordable way in to Elektron-world, and has a sound all of its own.

    Reviews Jul 2020
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    Elektron Digitone

    FM Synthesizer & Sequencer

    Elektron’s latest compact groove station takes a welcome new look at FM.

    Reviews Sep 2018
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    Elektron Digitakt

    Digital Drum Computer & Sampler

    Elektron’s new sampling drum machine is much more than just a cut-price Octatrack.

    Reviews Sep 2017
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    Elektron Analog Four.

    Elektron Analog Four

    Analogue Synthesizer

    Not a company to do things by half, Elektron have combined their first analogue synth with an incredibly versatile sequencer.

    Reviews May 2013
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    Elektron Octatrack DPS1

    Performance Sampler

    Swedish synthesists Elektron have turned their attention to sampling — and, with characteristic individuality, have created something quite unique.

    Reviews Oct 2011
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    Elektron SPS1 Machinedrum

    Synthetic Percussion Sequencer

    Swedish manufacturer Elektron claim that their SPS1 rhythm synth is the most sophisticated drum machine ever built, with a stunning specification that includes no less than four different types of percussion synthesis.

    Reviews Jan 2002
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