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Sequencers / Grooveboxes

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    Viscount RD800

    MIDI Data Filer

    Derek Johnson takes a look at a new MIDI disk drive that will store and retrieve your files in a flash...

    Reviews Feb 1995
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    Akai MPC3000

    MIDI Production Centre

    The MPC3000's dedicated sequencing and drum sampling control surface aims to tempt high-level musicians away from their computers with its luxurious hardware approach. David Mellor puts in a hard day's night and gives it the thumbs up.

    Reviews Oct 1994
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    Yamaha QY8

    Music Sequencer

    After last month's test-drive of Yamaha's top-of-the-range-QY300 music sequencer, Martin Russ now takes its baby sibling, the QY8, for a spin around the block.

    Reviews Sep 1994
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    Yamaha QY300

    Music Sequencer

    The Walkstation grows up! After causing a stir with their 'pocket-sized' QY10 and QY20, Yamaha have produced the 'Big Brother' of the range, the QY300. Martin Russ discovers to his delight that it's not just the size that's increased...

    Reviews Aug 1994
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    Viscount RD70

    MIDI Data Filer & Sequence Playback Unit

    This compact unit will store your MIDI data and play back your sequences for considerably less money than the competition. But does it work? Derek Johnson find out.

    Reviews Feb 1994
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    Yamaha QY10

    Sequencing Clinic

    Craig Anderton's QY10 goes everywhere with him — and he's developed loads of useful short-cuts to help QY10 owners make even better use of this brilliant musical notepad.

    Techniques Jan 1994
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    Casio SZ-1 Sequencer

    The Next Logical Step?

    This 4-track MIDI sequencer is a step in the right direction for Casio but have the budget restrictions limited its appeal?

    Reviews Nov 1985
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    UMI-2B MIDI Sequencer

    For BBC B Micro

    Jay Chapman discovers why this 16-track MIDI sequencer package for the BBC B micro, described as the musical equivalent of the humble word processor, is receiving so much acclaim from studio users.

    Reviews Nov 1985


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