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Article Series

Below you will find all our Article Series.


How I Got That Sound

(19 articles)

A collection of short articles where each month a music producer and/or sound engineer reveals how their favourite instrument or sound was created, miked up, programmed and recorded for posterity.


Korg Legacy Collection

(4 articles)


Mastering Essentials: The SOS Techniques Guide

(8 articles)

In this six-part series, produced in association with Steinberg, well-known mastering engineer Ian Shepherd takes us through his approach to mastering. Whether you’re polishing individual tracks or assembling EPs or albums, Ian explores the tools, skills and decisions that can help you achieve great-sounding results.


Generations: Key Figures In Electronic Music

(2 articles)

DJ/producer Dave Clarke's 3-part series on who he considers to be inspirational and influential in the electronic music scene.


Cubase: String Theory Workshop

(2 articles)


iZotope RX For Music Recording

(2 articles)

Follow these guidelines and you'll become an RX expert in no time!


Buchla 200e

(5 articles)

Alongside Bob Moog, Don Buchla is one of the founding fathers of synthesis, and yet much less is known of him and his instruments. Read this two-part review of Buchla's latest modular synthesizer.


Recording Piano

(2 articles)

Watch this 2-part Video series where GSI Studios' Head Engineer Josh Giunta lifts the lid on his process for capturing the piano and making it sound as lifelike as possible. 


How To Make Your Vocals Twice As Good!

(2 articles)

Learn how to create the conditions for a successful mix and what techniques and tricks you can employ to fit your vocals in the mix.


The Sampled Orchestra

(9 articles)

SOS reviewer and musician par excellence Dave Stewart delivers his major series explaining how to harness the power of today’s virtual orchestral instruments.


All About Library Music

(10 articles)

Read this 10-part series to fully understand every aspect of library music (AKA production music) from getting a foot in the door, to what clients look for, how to generate income and write top-class material that will keep earning.


Revoice Pro 3.2 Masterclass

(3 articles)

SOS's in-depth tutorial and video series exploring Synchro Arts’ powerful pitch-processing and audio-alignment software. (Many of the examples covered work across different version numbers of the software.)


Cloud Collaboration in Pro Tools 12.5

(2 articles)


Top Brass: Arranging For Brass

(4 articles)

This 4-part series explains all you need to know about creating brass arrangements for a range of musical genres.


Passing Chords

(5 articles)

Bored of the same old chord sequences? We explore some simple ways to spice up your keyboard chords.


Engineering Drums Live

(2 articles)


The Les Misérables Sound Team

(2 articles)

Find out how the Les Misérables technical crew were compelled to completely reinvent film soundtrack recording.


Logic: Recreating Ableton Live Beat Repeat

(3 articles)

We show how to recreate the functionality of Ableton Live's Beat Repeat using Logic.


Music Technology & Special Needs

(2 articles)

We spotlight some of the pioneering work in 'assistive technology' that is transforming the lives of people who are unable to play conventional musical instruments.

Selwyn Jazz in action.

Session Notes: Selwyn Jazz

(4 articles)

From Tracking a Big Band on location to Mixing the end results. Includes audio examples you can download.