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Return To Tomorrow



This is volume one in a series of albums designed to gather together rare and previously unreleased home recordings from the ‘80s onwards under the series title 'THESE TAPES REWIND'.
From the mid ‘80s and into the early '90s my home studio, ('The Echo Observatory'), used a reel-to-reel analogue 16-track recorder. I mixed down via an analogue desk onto a very early SONY PCM F1 digital stereo machine.
Whilst I released several albums recorded this way, there was a huge amount of material left 'on the shelf’. For many years I chose not to listen to them or consider the possibility of their release. It is only now, in 2012 after many enquiries from fans, that I've had the curiosity or inclination to listen through this archive of old recordings. I was surprised by what I found. I've selected 24 tracks to present here. Other volumes will follow.

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