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    Two notes Jeff Stinco Anthology amp cabinet models plug-in

    Two notes Jeff Stinco cabinet collection

    Cabinet models from the collection of Simple Plan guitarist

    The latest Artist Series release from Two notes Audio Engineering features seven DynIR cabinet models for their Torpedo platform, all captured from the personal collection of Jeff Stinco.

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    Two Notes Steve Stevens Platinum Collection vintage guitar cabinet simulation emulation plug-in

    Two notes Steve Stevens Platinum Collection

    Rare guitar cabinets captured through Neve console from Sound City

    This latest release from Two notes Audio Engineering contains emulations of five rare cabinets from the collection of Steve Stevens.

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    Two Notes ReVolt pedals

    Two Notes ReVolt amp simulator pedals

    Guitar and bass models both feature 12AX7 valve preamp

    ReVolt Guitar and ReVolt Bass are a pair of new three-channel amp simulator pedals that feature an all-analogue signal path with a valve preamp stage.

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