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Amp / Speaker Simulators

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    Neo Instruments Ventilator

    Rotary Speaker Simulator

    There have been plenty of Leslie emulators over the years, but is the Ventilator the one that finally nails ‘that’ sound?

    Reviews Dec 2011
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    Two Notes Torpedo VB101

    Dummy Load & Speaker/Microphone Simulator

    When it comes to convincing simulation of guitar amps, cabinets, speakers and microphones, a few hardware manufacturers seem to be pushing the boundaries. Will the Torpedo blast the competition out of the water?

    Reviews Jun 2010
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    Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2

    Guitar Amp Simulator [PC/Mac]

    With version 2 of Guitar Rig, Native Instruments are taking amp modelling into the realms of modular synthesis.

    Reviews Feb 2006
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    Sequis Motherload

    Dummy Load & Speaker Simulator

    Using a combination of dummy load and speaker simulator lets you record your favourite valve guitar amp at full tilt without disturbing your neighbours. The trouble is, none of the designs so far have managed to sound close enough to a real speaker. Could this be the one that finally nails it?

    Reviews Jul 2005
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    Zoom 503

    Guitar & Bass Amp Simulator

    Can you get a wall of sound from something the size of a brick? John Walden plugs in his guitar, inserts his earplugs and finds out.

    Reviews Oct 1998
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    BBE DI-10 DI Box With Speaker Simulator

    DI boxes are essential pieces of studio kit, but they don't all do the same job. For DI'ing an electric guitar or bass that...

    Reviews Sep 1998
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    Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere

    Leslie Speaker Simulator

    The quest for the perfect Leslie speaker simulator continues. Nick Magnus welcomes an all-analogue member to the rotary club...

    Reviews Nov 1997
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    Digitech RPM1

    Valve Rotary Speaker Simulator

    There have been Leslie simulators before, but none to exploit the sympathetic warmth of valves.

    Reviews Feb 1996
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    Tech 21 Sansamp PSA1

    Guitar Amp Simulator

    Paul White plays axe hooligan for a day with the Sansamp PSA1.

    Reviews Jul 1995
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    Korg G4

    Digital Rotary Speaker Simulator

    Convincingly reproducing the effects of rotating horns and speakers in software inside a 1U rackmounting box is a challenge to the designer. Bringing it in under £300 is an achievement. Gordon Reid examines the latest incarnation of a keyboard effect that's come full circle...

    Reviews Sep 1994


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