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Amp / Speaker Simulators

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    Blackstar St James Plugin

    Guitar Amp Modelling Plug-in

    Blackstar have an enviable track record in building genuine valve amps. Can their first modelling plug‑in maintain those lofty standards?

    Reviews . Oct 2023
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    Universal Audio UAFX OX Stomp speaker cabinet microphone room modelling guitar effects pedal

    Universal Audio unveil OX Stomp pedal

    Latest UAFX pedal models cabinets, mics & room

    Universal Audio’s new OX Stomp Dynamic Speaker Emulator comes packed with authentic-sounding cabinet, microphone and room models, as well as offering a selection of built-in studio-quality effects.

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    HeadRush Core multi-effects guitar vocal pedalboard amp cabinet modelling Auto-Tune

    HeadRush release Core pedalboard system

    Compact version of flagship processor

    HeadRush's new system packs the same processing power as their flagship HeadRush Prime into a more compact chassis.

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    Two notes Torpedo Captor X SE reactive load box valve tube amp attenuator cabinet simulator

    Two notes introduce Torpedo Captor X SE

    Loaded with vintage-inspired cabinet models

    Two notes are celebrating their 15th anniversary with the release of a limited edition version of their popular dummy load and speaker simulator unit.

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    Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Standard free download offer

    Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Standard offer

    Modelling software FREE for today only!

    In celebration of the International Day of Peace, the offer is only valid throughout today, 21 September 2023.

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    Blackstar HT Venue MK III Series guitar amp combo head stack ISF CabRig DSP silent stage

    Blackstar launch HT Venue MK III Series

    Venue range gains CabRig DSP

    The Venue MK III Series retains the versatile dual-channel design that made the range popular, but introduces built-in cabinet simulation and some technical improvments. 

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    Neural DSP Archetype: Tom Morello

    Guitar Rig Modelling Plug-in

    No synthesizers were used in the making of this plug‑in.

    Reviews . Sep 2023
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    Bogren Digital MLC Subzero 100 amp cabinet simulation plug-in impulse response

    Bogren Digital release MLC Subzero 100

    Amp sim employs company's IRDX technology

    MLC Subzero 100 models the hand-built guitar amp of the same name from Mark L Custom Guitar Electronics, a model renowned for its rich, detailed tone.

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    TC Electronic Ampworx High-Gain JIMS 800 Marshall JCM800 Dual Wreck Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier V550 Peavey EVH 5150 amp simulation pedals

    Ampworx High-Gain pedals from TC Electronic

    Latest modelling pedals launched

    The new Ampworx High-Gain series pedals promise to capture the sound of classic Marshall, Mesa/Boogie and Peavey guitar amplifers. 

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    Kemper Liquid Profiling amp modelling technology beta

    Kemper announce Liquid Profiling technology

    Combines profiling with conventional modelling

    Liquid Profiling is a new technology for the Kemper platform which is said to seamlessly blends their patented approach to amplifier profiling with conventional modelling techniques.

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    Waves Voltage Amps

    Amp-modelling Plug-in

    With seven amp and six cabinet emulations, there’s a wide range of guitar and bass tones on offer here.

    Reviews Aug 2023
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    Blackstar St. James Plugin valve tube amp cabinet simulation emulation software

    Blackstar unveil St. James amp plug-in

    First plug-in from amplifier experts

    Created by the team behind Blackstar's Artisan, Series One, ID:Series and St. James product ranges, the Blackstar St. James Plugin promises to set a new standard in the amp simulation world.

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    Boss ME-90 multi-effects guitar pedal amp cabinet simulator impulse response loader

    Boss announce ME-90 multi-effects pedal

    All-in-one pedal provides stompbox-style control

    Boss’ new ME-90 multi-effects pedal combines amp modelling and impulse response loading with a range of effects derived from their flagship GT-1000 unit.

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    MOD Audio AIDA DSP AI guitar amp modelling plug-ins

    MOD Audio / AIDA DSP amp plug-ins

    Latest collaboration utilises AI technology

    The latest plug-ins for MOD Audio's amp modelling platform employ AI technology and provide users with a range of advanced tone-shaping possibilities.

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    Softube Amp Room Suites Marshall Vintage Metal Bass amp simulation cabinet modelling effects plug-in

    Softube launch Amp Room Suites & Volume 6

    Amp Room and flagship plug-in bundle upgraded

    Amp Room Suites reconfigures Softube's guitar and bass amp emulation software into four dedicated amp categories, whilst Volume 6 provides a comprehensive bundle of processing, effects and instrument plug-ins. 

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    IK Multimedia Tonex Pedal

    Amp Profiling Pedal

    The Tonex Pedal makes IK’s powerful amp‑capture technology available in a standalone hardware unit.

    Reviews . Jun 2023
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    Waves Voltage Amps guitar bass amp modelling cabinet simulation plug-in

    Waves release Voltage Amps plug-ins

    Promises quick and easy classic and modern amp tones

    Waves' new guitar and bass amp simulation plug-ins offer a total of seven amp models which aim to deliver perfect tones right out of the box. 

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    Universal Audio Waterfall Rotary Speaker

    Leslie 147 Emulation Plug-in

    This isn’t the first virtual Leslie speaker plug‑in — but it might just be the best one yet!

    Reviews May 2023
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    IK Multimedia Tone Model ToneNET guitar amp effects modelling software hardware competition giveaway

    IK Multimedia reach 10,000 Tone Models

    $10,000 gear and software giveaway to celebrate

    Over 10,000 user-created Tone Models for IK Multimedia's TONEX software are now available, and the company are giving away a collection of hardware and software to celebrate.

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    Blue Cat Audio Axiom V2 & Fader Hub announced

    Blue Cat Audio announce Axiom V2 & Fader Hub

    Major upgrades to amp sim & a brand new audio streaming plug-in

    Blue Cat Audio announce the upcoming release of their Axiom V2 amp sim & Fader Hub audio streaming console.

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    Blackstar Amped 3 compact pedalboard three-channel guitar amplifier valve tube emulation effects cabinet simulation

    Blackstar announce new Amped 3 compact amplifier

    Three-channel 100W amp with modelling technology

    Blackstar's latest amplifier offers three channels, CabRig modelling technology, a boost circuit and a reverb processor, all in a compact pedalboard-friendly format. 



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