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Amp / Speaker Simulators

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    Waves Voltage Amps

    Amp-modelling Plug-in

    With seven amp and six cabinet emulations, there’s a wide range of guitar and bass tones on offer here.

    Reviews Aug 2023
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    Blackstar St. James Plugin valve tube amp cabinet simulation emulation software

    Blackstar unveil St. James amp plug-in

    First plug-in from amplifier experts

    Created by the team behind Blackstar's Artisan, Series One, ID:Series and St. James product ranges, the Blackstar St. James Plugin promises to set a new standard in the amp simulation world.

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    Boss ME-90 multi-effects guitar pedal amp cabinet simulator impulse response loader

    Boss announce ME-90 multi-effects pedal

    All-in-one pedal provides stompbox-style control

    Boss’ new ME-90 multi-effects pedal combines amp modelling and impulse response loading with a range of effects derived from their flagship GT-1000 unit.

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    MOD Audio AIDA DSP AI guitar amp modelling plug-ins

    MOD Audio / AIDA DSP amp plug-ins

    Latest collaboration utilises AI technology

    The latest plug-ins for MOD Audio's amp modelling platform employ AI technology and provide users with a range of advanced tone-shaping possibilities.

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    Softube Amp Room Suites Marshall Vintage Metal Bass amp simulation cabinet modelling effects plug-in

    Softube launch Amp Room Suites & Volume 6

    Amp Room and flagship plug-in bundle upgraded

    Amp Room Suites reconfigures Softube's guitar and bass amp emulation software into four dedicated amp categories, whilst Volume 6 provides a comprehensive bundle of processing, effects and instrument plug-ins. 

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    IK Multimedia Tonex Pedal

    Amp Profiling Pedal

    The Tonex Pedal makes IK’s powerful amp‑capture technology available in a standalone hardware unit.

    Reviews Jun 2023
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    Waves Voltage Amps guitar bass amp modelling cabinet simulation plug-in

    Waves release Voltage Amps plug-ins

    Promises quick and easy classic and modern amp tones

    Waves' new guitar and bass amp simulation plug-ins offer a total of seven amp models which aim to deliver perfect tones right out of the box. 

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    Universal Audio Waterfall Rotary Speaker

    Leslie 147 Emulation Plug-in

    This isn’t the first virtual Leslie speaker plug‑in — but it might just be the best one yet!

    Reviews May 2023
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    IK Multimedia Tone Model ToneNET guitar amp effects modelling software hardware competition giveaway

    IK Multimedia reach 10,000 Tone Models

    $10,000 gear and software giveaway to celebrate

    Over 10,000 user-created Tone Models for IK Multimedia's TONEX software are now available, and the company are giving away a collection of hardware and software to celebrate.

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    Blue Cat Audio Axiom V2 & Fader Hub announced

    Blue Cat Audio announce Axiom V2 & Fader Hub

    Major upgrades to amp sim & a brand new audio streaming plug-in

    Blue Cat Audio announce the upcoming release of their Axiom V2 amp sim & Fader Hub audio streaming console.

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    Blackstar Amped 3 compact pedalboard three-channel guitar amplifier valve tube emulation effects cabinet simulation

    Blackstar announce new Amped 3 compact amplifier

    Three-channel 100W amp with modelling technology

    Blackstar's latest amplifier offers three channels, CabRig modelling technology, a boost circuit and a reverb processor, all in a compact pedalboard-friendly format. 

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    Ampeg SVT Suite

    Bass Amp Modelling Plug-in

    Ampeg’s first official plug‑in offers a range of classic heads, cabs and effects.

    Reviews Apr 2023
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    IK Multimedia AmpliTube TONEX amp cabinet modelling software high-gain Tone Models

    IK Multimedia expand TONEX library

    High-gain Heroes adds 50 new Premium Tone Models

    High-gain Heroes adds an additional 50 Premium Tone Models to IK Multimedia's TONEX library, bringing the total count of amp and cabinet models to 1100. 

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    HeadRush Prime guitar vocal multi-effects modelling cloning pedalboard harmony Antares Auto-Tune live studio system

    HeadRush Prime modelling processor

    New flagship pedalboard system announced

    HeadRush's new flagship pedalboard system greatly expands on the capabilities of its predecessor, boasting built-in amp cloning, new effects and amp models and onboard Auto-Tune processing courtesy of Antares.  

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    Two notes ReVolt Guitar & ReVolt Bass

    Amp Simulation Pedals

    These new all‑analogue simulations run a real tube on a high‑voltage supply, and cover a useful range of tonalities.

    Reviews Mar 2023
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    Zoom B2 Four bass guitar multi-effects pedal amp cabinet simulator impulse response

    Zoom to launch B2 Four

    Bass effects pedal and amp simulator

    Zoom's upcoming B2 Four brings their new Multi-Layer IR technology to bassists, providing an all-in-one amp simulation and multi-effects solution.

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    IK Multimedia TONEX Pedal live performance amp cabinet effect modelling impulse response hardware

    TONEX Pedal by IK Multimedia

    Hardware Tone Model host

    This new guitar pedal allows users to take up to 150 Tone Models created with IK Multimedia's modelling software from the studio to the stage. 

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    Universal Audio UAD native analogue emulation vintage hardware plug-in bundles

    New native UAD plug-ins & bundles

    New Leslie cabinet emulation also unveiled

    A selection of Universal Audio's renowned plug-ins are now available to purchase individually, or as part of three new bundles, without the need for any UA hardware. 

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    Nembrini Audio MP1 Pro virtual ADA MP-1 tube valve guitar preamp plug-in emulation

    Nembrini Audio MP1 Pro plug-in

    Programmable Tube Guitar Amplifier

    This latest plug-in from Nembrini Audio aims to recreate the tones provided by the classic ADA MP-1 guitar preamp, and also includes some built-in effects and cabinet modelling. 

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    Neural DSP Quad Cortex guitar amp cabinet modelling pedal impulse response firmware update

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex firmware

    Powerful modelling pedal receives major update

    The latest firmware for Neural DSP's Quad Cortex introduces almost 900 new Neural Captures along with a new Hybrid Mode, a redesigned UI, and much more. 

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    Nembrini Audio Bass Driver Tech 21 SansAmp emulation multi-band overdrive distortion EQ amp simulator cabinet emulation plug-in

    Nembrini Audio release Bass Driver

    Multi-band overdrive & cabinet simulation plug-in

    Nembrini Audio's latest plug-in has been inspired by Tech 21's SansAmp Bass Driver DI, and extends the capabilities of the original by including built-in cabinet and microphone emulations. 



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