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    HUM Audio LAAL

    Analogue Mastering Limiter

    This all‑analogue feed‑forward limiter has the sort of look‑ahead function normally found only in digital devices.

    Reviews Feb 2024
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    Lindell Audio LiN2A

    Valve Optical Compressor

    Does Lindell’s LiN2A sound as classy as the famous compressor that inspired it?

    Reviews Jan 2024
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    Warm Audio WA-1B

    Valve Optical Compressor

    The war of the clones shows little sign of ending — and Warm Audio have now trained their sights on a very classy optical compressor.

    Reviews Dec 2023
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    Alice 538R

    Stereo Optical Compressor

    If you’re a fan of Ted Fletcher’s classic optical compressor designs, this one should not disappoint.

    Reviews Nov 2023
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    Rupert Neve Designs MBT

    Stereo Bus Processor

    For the first time, the Red and Blue bands of RND’s popular Silk circuit can be used together in the same device — but there’s more to the MBT than purple Silk!

    Reviews Nov 2023
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    Wes Audio ng76

    Digitally Controlled FET Compressor

    The Polish pioneers pair their plug‑in remote control system with a classic analogue compressor.

    Reviews Oct 2023
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    Chandler RS660

    Valve Compressor

    Can’t decide if you’d rather blow your vari‑mu budget on a Fairchild or an RS124? Chandler’s RS660 puts a little of both in one box...

    Reviews Jun 2023
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    Electric & Company EC5B

    Valve Compressor/Limiter

    This boutique compressor sounds every bit as classy and characterful as it looks.

    Reviews May 2023
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    Electric & Company EC5B | Audio Examples

    Hear For Yourself

    These audio examples accompany the review of the Electric & Company EC5B Limiting Amplifier in the SOS May 2023 issue.

    Reviews May 2023
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    Locomotive Audio WT-Comp | Audio Examples

    Hear For Yourself

    The audio examples available on this page accompany my SOS April 2023 review of the Weight Tank compressor by Locomotive Audio. I’ve provided before and after examples along with the settings I used and a few thoughts on what I was trying to achieve with the compressor in each setting.

    01_Drum Room_RAW

    A mono drum room mic without any processing applied.

    02_Drum Room_WT-Comp

    This is an example of the WT-Comp being used to add character and excitement to the drum room mic. The attack was on the fastest setting, the release set at 11 o’clock and the drive setting was engaged. Around 7-8 dB of gain reduction was applied.

    03_Bass Guitar_RAW

    A bass guitar captured via direct input without any processing.

    04_Bass Guitar_WT-Comp

    An example of the WT-Comp used on a bass guitar DI to add more dynamic consistency. With upwards of 10 dB of gain reduction applied, you can hear how the compressor makes the part more solid but at the expense of a little low-end and a general change in tone. For this example, I had the drive setting engaged, the attack at 2 o'clock and the release at 3 o’clock.

    05_Acoustic Guitar_RAW

    An acoustic guitar recording with no processing.

    06_Acoustic Guitar_WT-Comp

    With the WT-Comp in its ‘round’ setting this is an example of I used the review unit to make a strummed acoustic guitar part sit more confidently in a mix. The attack was set at 2 o'clock and the release at its fastest setting.

    07_Electric Guitar_RAW

    An example of a slightly driven picked electric guitar recording.

    08_Electric Guitar_WT-Comp

    With the attack at 2 o’clock and release at its fastest setting, I used the WT-Comp to add more saturation and make the guitar part cut through the mix more easily. The drive setting was used and as much as 10dB of gain reduction.

    09_Female Vocals_RAW

    An example of a female vocal recorded without any processing.

    10_Female Vocals_WT-Comp

    In this example, you can hear how the WT-Comp adds more weight to a female vocal. I found I had to tread quite carefully on vocals and this has just 3-4 dB of gain reduction applied with both the attack and release set at around 12 o'clock. This is in the ‘round’ setting.

    11_Male Vocals_RAW

    An example of a Male vocal recorded without any processing.

    12_Male Vocals_WT-Comp

    For this example, I used the same settings as for the female vocal but with the drive setting engaged to add more harmonics to the vocal. I generally preferred the WT-Comp on male vocals that benefited from the extra low-end weight and a more coloured sound.

    Reviews Apr 2023
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    Locomotive Audio WT-Comp

    Vari‑mu Compressor

    This characterful valve processor offers vari‑mu compression at a very attractive price.

    Reviews Apr 2023
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    Heritage Audio Herchild 670

    Dual-channel Valve Compressor

    Part of their new American Heritage line, the Madrid‑based manufacturers’ latest offering is their take on the mighty Fairchild Model 670.

    Reviews Feb 2023
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    VCA Compressor

    This quality analogue processor offers precise and intuitive control over your compression.

    Reviews Jan 2023
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    IGS Audio Zen

    Dual-channel Zener Compressor/Limiter

    Diode‑based compressors can be delightful but also rather noisy. True to its name, the Zen promises a more peaceful approach...

    Reviews Jul 2022
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    Solid State Logic The Bus+

    Dual-channel VCA Compressor & Dynamic EQ

    A stunning overhaul of SSL’s bus compressor, the Bus+ goes much further than most imitators without sophistication undermining ease of use.

    Reviews May 2022
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    Warm Audio Bus Comp

    Stereo VCA Compressor

    This homage to a famous console compressor is keenly priced and offers some thoughtful extra features.

    Reviews Mar 2022
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    API Select T25

    Dual-channel Valve FET Compressor-Limiter

    API have been making excellent solid‑state outboard and consoles for decades, but their latest venture sees them using valves for the very first time.

    Reviews Feb 2022
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    Gainlab Audio Dictator

    Stereo Valve Compressor

    This keenly priced device offers a bit more control than most valve compressors.

    Reviews Dec 2021
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    Wes Audio ngBusComp

    Digitally Controlled Analogue Compressor

    Want the sound and tactile experience of hardware but the convenience of plug‑ins? Wes Audio have the answer...

    Reviews Nov 2021
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    Rupert Neve Designs 5254

    Dual-channel Compressor

    Throughout his illustrious career, Rupert Neve continued to refine the diode‑bridge compressor design he first created over half a century ago.

    Reviews May 2021
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    TK Audio T-Komp

    Dual-channel Analogue Compressor

    We check out TK’s latest intriguing interpretation of the humble VCA compressor.

    Reviews May 2021


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